• Combat Balance
    • What weapon that has more range than a frost, more damage than a fire, has an ability that returns 100% of the damage, another that hooks from your home and roots you, and the best E makes it invulnerable, it increases drastically speed of attack and movement?

      Does it make sense for a mdps to have the highest damage in the game with the rank higher than the frost's Q unitarget?
    • PaladinJavier wrote:

      It's worst spear at all. Only perhaps viable at corrupted dungeon and to destroy HO black zone due speed buff. Not working at ZvZ. Not working at gvg. Awful at gank. Terrible at Open World.

      The E needs rework. Beautiful weapon but Main ability has no sense.
      Not every weapon needs to be viable in every form of content. Falls in and out of meta for 5v5s although hasn't seen the light of day for a while. I think it's a unique weapon that's very good at what it does, reworking it just seems silly,
      All the noobs turn into savants when they get to the balance thread.