Controller support for mobile

    • Hi! I would like to reinforce the suggestion and also give some feedback, I really hope that it reaches the development team, as these were some of the reasons why I didn't have a good experience and made me stop playing, but I continue to follow the development of Albion.

      1° - I ask the dev team to implement support for controllers and gamepads in general, as in addition to being very unfair to play against pc players, it is also much more comfortable to play with controllers, as Albion has many actions performed by buttons and the need to always keep your fingers on the screen ends up blocking the view of what is happening around you.

      2° - More and more games are getting native support for controllers because more and more people are choosing controllers rather than dragging their finger across the screen, I understand that Albion and mobile gaming in general is a 100% mobile experience with touch actions on the screen, but what I ask you to analyze is the possibility of keeping both options both touch and control, I'm particularly preferring games that have controller support because it ends up bothering you by constantly dragging your finger on the screen and it becomes even more uncomfortable when the smartphone gets hot, another fact is that because it is a cross-platform game, it is necessary to balance the gameplay so that one platform does not have an advantage over the other, see the case of fortnite, which is a cross-platform game, but has support to PS5, XBOX and generic controls in its mobile version, genshin impact is also like that. Finally, the game is becoming more dynamic, accessible and reaches more players by adapting to different ways of playing.

      3° - Not everyone has favorable conditions to buy a new generation console or a pc and the only way to play that game you want is through the mobile version, as is the case with Albion for many, so the addition of support the controls will favor not only the players, but also the game itself, reaching more and more players to the world of Albion and I believe the game will become fairer when facing pc players, sometimes in moments where you can't go wrong ends up making mistakes by having to choose between looking at what's happening and the buttons on the screen and ends up pressing what you shouldn't at that moment and that generates frustration.

      In general the mobile version is in a good way, it just needs some optimizations such as the loading time when crossing portals and the support for controls .
    • So i dont normally play mobile games since there a big lack of controller support so its pretty annoying as im not one for using touch screen controls i hate them. now my issue with the current state of mobile is that i have a chromebook 14 whoich runs on chrome os making me have a lap top ish tablit, its bizarr anyway the issue is that there is no con troler support for it or rather it does not work and it gets weirder the more i try, i dont have a touch screen so thats out of the question even though its in the options lmao, using the other options does not work as i have to use my mouse to move the moble buttons on screen which is hilariously bad. this whole issue is from not having any sort of normal controller support which is baffaling to me that you dont seem to have it, and when i looked up if there was support for a controller it was misleading and i finally found out its only the steam controller?? why?
    • Yeah, having possibility to play mobile with keyboard and mouse would be lovely. I love albion, but I no longer own gaming PC. I wanted to play it from Samsung DEX but sadly it does not allow me to use keyboard and mouse. Hopefully devs will implement it asap