Nerf knock-back 2nd Skill of Cloth Cowl

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    • Nerf knock-back 2nd Skill of Cloth Cowl

      As a melee player (Sword - Broad and Claymore), I really think that u need to nerf the distance of the knock-back from the 2nd skill of cloth cowl.

      It's already really hard to catch range players with high escape like bow and frost (escape AND slows against u), but if they make mistakes or u play well ur abilities, u still can get them. It's Ok, run and take distance is part of the game and this kind of weapon.

      The problem starts when they use the 2nd skill mentioned. When u finally get them, they just have to press D to obtain high distance and space to poke u. Besides they can get their E and W again with this distance, hit you or get even more distance.

      This skill is not just a problem of range weapons. Its known that maces are meta and really strong... and guess what... they use this skill too !!. Against maces, as melee, is really frustrating, they can run and disengage really, really easy thanks to this skill.

      If u react to their combo, they just have to press D and run. If u dont react to their combo, anyway maces will just press D, take distance and wait to hit you with the next combo.
      Disengage from them is really hard, they have 2 jumps.

      You have Grailseeker and Tombhammer too, more of the same shit: combo, D, run or wait for the next combo. They can run AND wait for the next combo too.

      In some situations, you can be winning the match, playing better, no mistakes, and they have to just press D, push you into mobs, stuns you and gg. Even if you are aware of the monsters, they can push you into it, because the knock-back has too much range. Sometimes you have to follow them to be able to kill them, so you have no choice, you follow them with low HP (and take the risk of being pushed into mobs) or they will keep trying engages until kill you.

      Positioning doesn't help. You still can be pushed easily.

      14m is too much for a melee, its really toxic, nerf the distance.
    • Welp for once melee would have the upper hand (not counting one handed mace obviously), but they should either rework it or make it much smaller bump atm it's just busted and in CDs ranged and cc weapons clearly have an advantage over most of the melee (I main carving in CD and it's stupid hard just to kill anything).
    • Just four days ago I was jumped by two players in BZ. They came close and I triggered the knock back and took to my heels (F ... focused run). Not too bad, I thought.

      You know what happened? Two seconds later they already got me, I didn't even make it out of their sight. No chance to escape against high mobility builds. So I fought back with my druidic staff, epic damage (thorns) ... NOPE. insane self-healing and sustain ... NOPE. So I did what I always do... chill as corpse.

      I don't even mind anymore if Force Field is nerfed, because it obviously makes no difference. At least from my nature's perspective, the whole balance is out of whack. Dagger tree is crazy, high mobility and insane damage. Same for 1h mace.