Don't blow off your player base.

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    • Don't blow off your player base.

      Albion could be the best MMO of the decade, and it's well on its way. IF the dev team takes input from the players and continues to bring out NEW content, atleast every 6 mths or annually.

      1. Dungeons changes: Right now they are copy cat of World of Warcraft. Just one way, no thinking, just kill as fast as you can, spam your buttons. Albion should be better than that. Put in puzzles to complete in order to open additional passages and loot. Take from a great game "Wizardry" and make secret doorways, hidden treasure, things that make the player have to think. Keep the current dungeons, but add these to them or make new dungeons with this content. Make them Purple.

      2. All dungeons should have resource nodes in them. Ore, Stone, leather and wood.
      3. Make some quarries in the game, a place where a mass amount of stone and ore spawns.
      4. Increase T5 zone resources, they are a joke right now, not near enough for the amount of players AND there are more crappy T2, T3 and T4 resources in the freaking T5 zone?
      5 Copy Shadowbane and have areas with large amounts of resources in blue, yellow, red and black zones, that are on timer. If a guild takes control of the area, then they are the only ones who can gather resources in that area for a certain amount of time, then that area goes up for control again.
      6. Copy Star Wars the Old Republic- make armor able to open up and put plates inside to add additional stats. Make only a T5 or higher training in that area to be able to do it.
      7. Copy Ultima Online- make Treasure maps able to fish up and get in loot chests. When read, they locate a buried treasure. Bring shovels into the game as another tool.
      8. Give extra loot and fame to players who clear ALL mobs out of dungeons.
      9. Give stat bonuses, if someone wants to wear a complete set of armor. Example: All guardian gear, head, chest and boots opens up an extra passive ability.
      10. Balance the Arenas- They are not balanced now. T6 and T7 gear RAPES T4 gear.
      11. Arenas- give healers focus potions. This will really encourage healers to play, right now it takes way too long to get into Arenas. With the amount of players, Arena's should be popping every few seconds. The wait is because there are NO healers. Make better incentive and FOCUS potions would do it.
      12. Change Arena options- Give players a button to check, if they want to go into an Arena with NO healer, all dps players. Archeage has 5 v 5 all dps and there is no shortage of fun, and Arena's pop WAY faster than Albion. We are waiting too long for Arenas.
      13 Nature Staff- Thorn spell should last same as Novice bow- 10 normal attacks, NOT 5. healer is already squishy and you don't give them 10 attack, 15 second buff. Come on?
    • 1. Dungeons are not WoW clones. They closest to that would be Avalonian dungeons as they are WoW-raid like in fights.
      2. Was discussed years ago and dismissed, and rightly so.
      3. They have this already. Every resource has major concentration nodes in certain maps. Look at world map and see those graphics that show stone, animal, ore, fiber, on them and see when it says "unusual concentration of X"
      4. Go do roads of avalon....there are copious amounts of T5 mini-bosses that drop 1000s.
      5. Something like this used to exist years ago for T8 resources. It monopolised the economy and created significant imbalances. T8 and resources in open world for anyone to gather is the right move.
      6. That is what runes, souls and relics are for. You literally insert them into the item to upgrade the stats...
      7. Spiders and treasure drones are effectively that
      8. Workable...but why? Waste 10-15mins finding a single mob you missed, compounded by the fact there is no dungeon map for you to navigate.
      9. Albion is a sandbox game. Wearing items for set bonuses is counter intuitive. Coupled with the fact that you are nerfing yourself by electing to wear a themed dress.
      10. IP is the issue not the gear. I can come in 700/700 spec in 4.0 and still have more IP than you in T6/T7 gear.
      11. No, just no.
      12. No. It will ruin what little competition there is in arena. Equally skilled players - 5 Dps will not beat a team with a healer.
      13. lol, nature staff will nerfed is still strong your scenario: bring a purge

      All in all, it sounds like you do not leave Royal Zones to gather and do not enter Red/Black Zones for pvp content. Arenas are rubbish and have been since Crystals were introduced. They are not competitive, they are not fair, nor are they a good testing ground for builds or basis of your skill.

      You need to explore more of the game and you will find most of your frustrations already have answers for them waiting for you to discover.