2v2 hellgates can't change spells

    • 2v2 hellgates can't change spells

      Please SBI why can't i fuckin check the stuff of my adverses in hellgate before the fight just like in crystal. Peoples are entering in the heallgates with spells for fight a one shot compo (for healer/dps comps) and they change sometimes if if they're facing agaisnt special things, so if i encounter a bow and that instantly after inspecting him he attacks me so i can't change spells + the stupid dumbass range of the thetford cape both of us are touched and in combat so we can't change spells, he just has to follow us to the death. Would it be too hard to add a system like in crystals for prepare your gear and spells to your adverses?
    • Basically, you want to be even safer for healer+dps comp. And I say this as a healer player on 2v2's.

      The way it is now, every healer/dps comp run anti-dive skills and change in case it is another healer/dps. Assuming the other team will also want to change skills being able to see enemy gear will not change much for mirror healer matches. But will make it much safer against double dps or any other crazy comp that relies on surprise. Making the meta even more stale.

      And if the bow or whatever dps instantly attacks you, it means he is either fighting you also with anti-dive skills or he is running a risk of not running anti-dive skills to get an advantage against other healer comps, what I think it's totally fair.

      Also if u need to run away, have ur healer go foward, E them away at max range (assuming ur playing great holy that is meta) and shield charge to you. So you can both get away and change skills. It can fail if their healer holy bless on time. But you are just paying the cost from letting them tag you in first place.
    • For the last part of your message, a ranged that has royal sandals will always get me (as royal shoes) even if his healer misses his W, the only possibility is maybe that my healer E him, uses robe of purity and runs on him to bump him far away but at this momment, my healer is alone and i didn't have the time to change spells (and he is in resi potion so even if he survives and i have time to change spells, we have a huge energy disadvantage).
    • I think your problem is the royal shoes, I mean you choose to have one more defense against a dive comp If you were running refreshing sprint or regular run, you should be able to get away. You got be more carefull, what we usually do is dps scout ahead, healer way back to not get dove and be safe from thetfort capes.
      And if u have regular run or refreshing sprint, you should be able to get away from a healer dps comp.

      I just think that if we could see what the other team is using, it's going to make the meta even less diverse then it is.