Is it worth focusing your entire production line?

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    • Is it worth focusing your entire production line?

      For context, my main has high spec leather refining, and my alt has 70+ spec in a leather shoe crafting.

      What are people's thoughts on focusing both steps of the crafting process? Based on my experience post-transmutation change, my silver/focus on straight refining has been 'lacking'.

      I was thinking about refining purely to supply leather for my alt, but I'm not sure if it's worth the focus. I'd be giving up any profit I can make on my main to boost it on my alt. Get a more reasonable price for higher demand leather for the shoes that actually sell I suppose.

      Looking a little at the market, I can't imagine it decreases costs so much as to hit the prices I see shoes being sold for, but maybe it's just the shoes I craft.

      Anyone have any experience?
      Arcane shill - 700/700