Swords are dead

    • 1. Swords doesn't had 60% only 2-3 prestackers guys does, and thats litterally low winrate, i can claim being a good claymore and i haded 75% last time i played everyday, same than aistis slayer he haded 78% or 80%.
      2. Swords are bad, but the enemys are worse.
      3. With next buffs sword will be OK.
      4. Spear will be better than sword still.

      Like, litterally 1 build winrate or player winrate says nothing about a weapon cause you can skip enemys or taking rat strats, etc.
    • I think this modification to the double sword is useless, it will remain the same thing, the problem with it is that when it comes to zvz, you need to be staked, and still be able to hit a clamp, you can take a reflection by the demon armor and die, you can be purged easily, and most of the time doesn't make it out alive! and you don't even deal damage, the problem with swords is this horrible stack that kills any engage, you can rarely deal damage together with your party, you play alone and alone, and what's the use of playing alone if you don't deal any damage? It's an easy weapon to counter, in corrupted it's already another system, I stopped playing spades, started playing spear, I almost don't miss a corrupted one with the pike! is far superior. The galatines and the repeater, became useless weapons because of the staggered damage from 80% to 40%, I could play before, it killed me but it took a lot of people, nowadays just deliver a set without killing anyone! It's frustrating, if at least it dealt the same damage it's doing, but had some stamina, speed after the drop, it would be good, because it would make up for the lack of damage! These days I was on zvz with a 6.3 galatina, royal hood and cleric robe, I dropped on enemy cloths, full stack, only dealt 400 damage! this is practically nothing!!! and I still have full spec, I just wanted to at least make up for this lack of damage with defensiveness.

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    • So you don't enjoy sword but you enjoy other weapon? thats okay, don't blaim the swords for not being what you want. And 1. Probably you don't hit on zvz for the debuff, 2. Almost every clapper doesn't work anymore cause the meta its sustain melees + mounts.

      and the other guy with the "Swords needs purge". Lmao you want blackhandswords or what?

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    • After today's patch, still dead.
      No rework on dmg output in skills, or duration of charges, nor rollback on iron will.
      Every single skill has a stronger counter part in other weapons and combination lacks sinergy.
      not good for pvp or pve. Just a weapon tree for noobies till hit tier 4.
      Daggers / 1h mace still meta on melee, maybe axes too, we will see.
    • There is no change to sword in corrupted or 1v1 situations. There is no situation for hamstring, and to gap close with it you need to preload it with 2 abilities and don’t forget that’s 2 global cooldowns. Why bother when splitting slash is a react snare spell with instant higher damage + you can E safely while they are rooted.

      Why they can’t give melee higher damage in plate is beyond me