Honestly About 5V5

    • Honestly About 5V5

      Does anyone actually give a flying %$## about this side of the game. Must we suffer through bad game balance because SBI is obsessed with 5v5, like how long will the dynamic between melee and ranged have to suffer for this game mode to exist. Does regular bow and one handed crossbow need to be that strong? does there have to be that many defensives on cloth armor? can we please get a leather buff on resistances?

      Honestly, when i log on to Albion, never have i ever thought to myself, hmmm you know what i want to do? watch competitive 5v5 Albion, or play it for that matter. You know what i do when i want to play a good and fun 5v5 based game? i go play league of legends. Not Albion.

      Is the height of skill of a level 9 GVG'er just standing in place and clicking on another player worth the integrity of the pvp in this game? i don't think so. Many people don't like that dev's are making balance changes based on 1v1 CD's, but don't forget where this instanced balanced nonsense started. With 5v5 of course.

      We are talking about a player-base that is les than 0.5% of the game.IS IT REALLY NECESSARY FOR TURRET BUILDS TO EXIST, just to justify the comps and validity of this side of the game? again no, i don't think so. This weird obsession with esports is just absurd, i feel like one part of the dev team wanted to make an open world full loot mmo, but then the majority decided that it was more beneficial to mimic esport type balancing and implement instanced content everywhere to compliment it. It needs to go away now. That need to balance around this game mode needs to finally be put in its coffin, just as the founders in the past have asked you SBI to do in the past.

      Honest question to you guys reading this, Do you actually give a flying fuck about this content, do you log on, see 5v5 and say to yourself , wow this is really good. This is really worth making crippling balance changes around. I love how fire artillery is a thing because of this game mode, i love how regular bow can out dps a melee in melee range because of this game mode, i love how leather armor is literally dog shit, and has been for soo long because of this game mode, i love how guardian boots inflates your ip and allows for crossbows and fire staffs to just sit there and blow you up, i love how the dynamic between ranged and melee is so out of wack because of this game mode.

      Seriously though , who is legit unironically watching this, outside of those of you who just want to see yourself on albion TV????? Can someone give an alpha player, and old founder some incite on why you watch this , or care about this at all. Because seemingly even the 5v5 teams only log on to the game for the content, then just log off anyways, so apparently they don't care much either. Someone, anyone what's your perspective on this .
    • While I agree on some of your points I disagree with many as well. You are right 5v5 is not very popular to watch but either is any ZvZ content. Really the only thing with any views is 2v2 and 1v1. Instanced content needs to exist because the OW has 0 way to provide small scale fair fights. Without that as an option the player base would crumble as that is what the majority of gamers prefer. If I could cruise around the BZ and get a decent amount of 1v1 fights in the OW that would be sweet but as we know Albion is rampant with groups of 8 kids in 4.1 running around.

      On turrets yes the 1h xbow Q is and had been way over tuned damage wise. Also the fact the E is not reflectable is silly (same with many Es such as Claymore/1h curse). I also think they should just make guardian boots purgeable to offset the invincible turrets.
    • OW has 0 way to provide FAST small scale fights. Its fckin 30 minute horse simulator to meet any fight. And there is no way to force fight if you are not ganking.
      Instanced mimic esports fights is the only high tier pvp content in Albion and i am sure that pvp balance should be based on it.