• Bodybuilding/Training

      Hi all,

      I'm not sure if there's a thread already out there on this topic, so I do apologise in advance if there is and I'd be grateful if you could send me a link to it if so!

      Just wanted to see if anyone shares the same interest in bodybuilding/training? I plan to compete next year after this off-season.

      Even if it's not bodybuilding, it would be cool to hear your interests in training/working-out :D

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    • How's your progress coming along @JarlRagnar ? Still planning to compete next year? What weight/division you aiming for?

      I've been maintaining my bodybuilding goals, but have also incorporated more cardio/athletic training into my routines. Recently I did my first Spartan Race, which was pretty fun - and may end up doing more.

      It saddens me there weren't more responses to this thread. I was hoping to hear from the numerous gym bros of Albion.

      Sharing a couple pics for fun:
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