Thinking about returning to the game

    • Thinking about returning to the game

      My wife and I played at launch and had a great time growing crops, gathering, mining, and generally PvE'ing around. We are not PvP'ers and we hit a solid brick wall when we needed to upgrade our resources. Has this changed, or is it still required that you hit the PvP zones in order to have access to all resources?

      I understood that this was a PvP game when I signed up, I get that, but the most recent statements from the dev team actually states that it's NOT a PvP-centric game, and suggested that you can play fully PvE. Has something changed since launch, or are they blowing smoke up my ass in order to bring us back?

      Finally, is this a good time to come back? How is the economy and is it owned primarily by those who have filled out their Destiny tree, leaving newcomers out altogether?

      I'd love to come back, but I'd like some insight into the current situation before abandoning our current MMO and jumping back in.

      Thanks for any insights or suggestions.
      "Men do not stop playing because they grow old. They grow old because they stop playing". - Oliver Wendell Holmes
    • As things stand now, from my point of view, the game is not in the position you would like. You cannot progress your character past a certain point without moving into full pvp areas where you certainly will at times be killed and have all your belongings removed from your body and split 8 ways among a group of people that have no interest in any part of the game other than looking for their next victim.

      Having said that, there are a hell of a lot of precautions that can be taken to minimize risk in full pvp areas and if you are careful about how you approach the situation, losses can be minimized to the point of not stinging. I am a dungeon crawler. I like clearing dungeons more than doing any other activity in the game. I'm not the sort of guy who has to be equipped in such a way as to clear the dungeon as fast as possible. I don't feel the need to farm loot or fame at top speeds. I simply enjoy clearing dungeons. The armour and mount I use can be replaced for less money than a single dungeon's loot. I use a tier 4 riding horse because it is cheap and replaceable. I don't wear a cape because it tends to be one of the most expensive items a person can equip and crested or faction capes in particular put a target on your back. Also, since using a cheap mount and no cape my repair bills are half of what they used to be. I wear soldier's armour. I never run out of energy. I don't clear the dungeons super fast, but I do move at a steady pace, never have difficulty killing any boss, and don't have to bring any extra gear to swap to get the job done regardless of what dungeon I'm in or what mobs I face. If a group of bloodthirsty neanderthals who can't find enjoyment in doing anything but killing people smaller than themselves get the better of me, I'm out less than 100k silver rather than losing days or weeks worth of effort like those who come onto the forums and rage about how unfair it is that pvp exists and swear they are going to uninstall the game because they got killed. PvP, while I feel no draw toward doing it myself, is a necessary part of the game for so many reasons I could write a paper on the subject.

      My advice is to find ways to deal with it and learn methods to work with it. Albion is a great game to which you and your wife would enjoy a return. You've just gotta play smart.

      Also, here is my super-secret ultra helpful pro-tip: replace your gear before you get killed and are forced to replace it. With buy orders you can typically spend half or less for the same gear versus buying for whatever is currently for sale on the market, but it can take hours or even days for orders to be filled. If you just got killed and have no gear, that can be really annoying and you would lose playtime if you waited around. I like to have a few full sets of replacement armour in the bank. Buy it cheap in advance, and it costs half or better than replacing it when you get killed.
    • @hopchis:

      Many thanks for the prompt and comprehensive response, it was exactly the type of reply I was hoping terms of answering my questions and offering suggestions. Given the systems in place, I do understand why PvP is a necessary part of the game, but I was encouraged by the dev statement I read to inquire further to see if things had changed. So it goes.

      We too are dungeon crawlers, that is what we enjoy doing in every MMO once our daily chores are done. Our experience after launch was somewhat disappointing in that dungeons were scarce and awfully repetitive. I vaguely recall fighting a lot of trash and having mini-bosses along the way and having to plan our tactics for taking on the final boss, that truly was fun, if excessively repetitive. The lack of diversity caused us to wander all over the map in search of new experiences, only to find more of the same everywhere we turned. How is the dungeon scene today?

      Final question. We were able to make a good living mining stone and ore, and selling our crops on the marketplace, even if we were stopped at yellow zones mostly. We were not able to advance, but our economic progress was more than sufficient to enable our combat progress and kept us motivated until we just finally got tired of the monotonous experience of the same dungeons over and over again. Also, having entered at launch and carefully managing our gold and silver, we were able to take advantage of the inevitable mudflation, and our bank accounts swelled impressively. We would have stayed had the PvE experience been more satisfying. What's your response to this?

      Thanks again. It's nice to see that the game still has a community of helpful players to balance against all the hapless griefers and their toxicity. And thank you for the tips. I'm really on the fence about returning, and you've provided some useful information that will help our decision.
      "Men do not stop playing because they grow old. They grow old because they stop playing". - Oliver Wendell Holmes
    • I'd love to say "hey, it's all good, it is better now!" but I can't say that with confidence. I've only been playing the game a couple of months and you probably have more experience than me. I replied because you said you've been gone and as a current active player I knew that the game had not changed in the way you described that you would hope.

      I don't know how much or little diversity dungeons had when you played. There are four different types of which I can think at this moment: Heretic, Undead, Keeper, and Morgana dungeons are the limit to the variety. I'm not going to say it doesn't get repetitive, because it absolutely does. Each type of dungeon has half a dozen or so different kinds of mobs in it. There are mini-bosses along the way, as you say, and if you have a sharp eye you can sometimes find almost-hidden tiny little paths off to an extra mini-boss which rewards people who aren't on constant speed-runs. But not every dungeon has those. Each dungeon type has, at most, two or three possible boss types that you can encounter. The layout of the dungeons is predictably repetitive where it seems the developers think simply changing the angle or direction of the same map is good enough to call it a different experience.

      The PvE situation in Albion could definitely use a little bit of love. I like the open-ended nature of the game, but the total lack of any structured path for PvE creates a glaring hole in the game for PvE players. I tend to excuse this with the fact that Albion is a relatively young game, whereas the game Albion is heavily modeled after that has a space theme has been around a lot longer and has more depth of PvE content. So I'm hoping it is something Albion hasn't quite gotten around to properly addressing yet, because I like Albion better.

      Black Zones are controlled with an iron fist by certain identifiable groups. I don't think this is good for the game and fixing the issue, in my opinion, would make the game more fun and exciting for everyone including the members of those groups who currently dominate the black zones. My view is that guild communication and attachments should be non-functional in black zones and that would facilitate creating the wild-west atmosphere that was intended rather than the Mafia atmosphere that exists today. But I digress.

      I have a soft spot for couples who like to game together, and for that reason I'd love to think you and your wife were enjoying this game with me. I met my wife online while playing a MUD many years ago. For a variety of reasons, she isn't able to game as much as she once did, but I'd love for her to play this game with me and I hope she will be able to do so one day soon. If it isn't Albion that you and your wife are able to enjoy, I hope you find something really great where you can play together.
    • Nothing has changed since you left.

      If you are looking for PVE to do with your wife duo, then you have no other content than the ones you were doing before.

      But, if you can accept to be part of a group of 5p or 20p then you missed some content.
      For instance, you have HCE maps which have different levels and layers that can be done in group of 5p from any city. If you banked well and have 1200+IP , then you can start HCE.
      Join the HCE discord for more informations:
      Also, you can join Avalonian discord and lauch avalonians raid with them, group of 10-20 people that goes in Black zone to do avalonian but should be PvP free, 1250+IP.
    • There's also the roads of Avalon which has a mix of dungeons, open world spawn camps and harvesting nodes so you can do a bit of each while you explore. As mentioned above in my experience the ROI is always worth it to go into the black zones, I always make more than I lose over the long run and the risk of death always makes it more exciting, if you keep your mount nearby while farming, and move in a pack of two you should be alright, in the roads hovering over entrances will tell you how many people have gone through a gateway so you generally have a good idea of how many people have entered/exited a zone, there's also been a big push for instanced pvp with corrupted dungeons and tweaks to hellgates which has likely reduced the amount of open world pvp since you last played.

      I'm sure SBI have enough pvp/death data to ensure the net output of the black zones are greater than a blue even when factoring death rates/gear loss in.