Roadmap Update and Mobile Launch Recap

    • Roadmap Update and Mobile Launch Recap

      It's been an exciting few weeks for Albion Online: after years of anticipation, the game has officially launched worldwide on the App and Play Stores. In our newest Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys takes a look back at the mobile launch and gives a preview of some of the big changes coming to Albion with the next major content update.

      Note: this video includes subtitles for all 9 of our supported languages on Youtube.
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    • Don't really look like a major update:

      - graphical update why not but not a priorities
      - better mob in open world still useless and in dungeon why not but i don't think players will put 20 min to just find a better dungeon
      - Elite , yeah more grind ...
      - Crystal drop only for HO and territories, concern only few players

      Really don't see why we wait maybe more than 8 month for that
    • And where is something about remodeling a personal island, giving it more use and where is remodeling laborers? It was talked about in dev talks .. (I think maybe in December 2020, if I remember correctly) They were also promised ie. legendary weapons etc .. Nothing? Just bullshit again? Or?
      1. What I'm most surprised about is that the vortex crystals have no incentive for raiders to destroy them. What is the design philisophy with that? It seems like it's only useful for the territory it's going to spawn in, because why bother running this thing 2-3 zones to where you want it with any risk at all. I am envisioning t3 naked horses grabbing this thing for zero risk and when "killed" the reward for having been killed is a big fat nothing. Gankers won't need this. So what conflict are you envisioning? Unless it happens to spawn at the exact time that another group is passing by even then, no fights will break out because you understand it will be solo gatherers and butt nakeds running these things around?
      2. I feel that the territory system is holding you back from your open world strategy. You really should examine a game like "Rust" to understand how to scale a sandbox. You create conflict and tension with full loot, now make it so you have to guard your treasures. Perhaps a way to raid hideouts? Or design the gathering system to not just be for gathering and crafting gear, but crafting things that allow you to "raid" enemy fortifications. That development team slowly adds layer upon layer to enhance the gameplay, but doesn't take away from previously designed features.
      3. Can you please add casting timers to enter hideouts and mist gates. Why is the blackzone becoming more care bear than the red zones? Wasnt the vision of the blackzone supposed to be this wild west place? It's honestly more safe then any other place right now thanks to hideout spam.
      Ign - Sllice
    • Yes, I was expecting more and better things. I only like the new graphics bc the gane was so boring. It was like I was in the same Map again and again. Hope it changes and i know how hard it is to visually change evey map... I can give you that.

      But everything else is a disappointment. Why new specializations??? For players with premium to become even more unreachable? I try to farm my weapons and with every balance update I end up abandoning bc it's out of meta... boring.

      You should propably rework and balance every weapon. Shortly, every weapon (and armor) from each category, each one should be useful in sth each time (either ZvZ, PvE, Farming, Smal scale pvp. Pvp & Pve).

      I was waiting for new content, like Lore or more balanced pvp features (things from the last 2020 survey). Or even some kind of optimization on Pc or Mobile (unplayble even after official Release).

      I agree with @Zigurath @AurumTitanos @scions
    • Good to know how people feel. Okay, update looks like it's going to be a banger! Looking forward to the exciting new things as well as addressing the issues in the zones you plan on expanding new content to. It's agreed across the board that T8 blue zones are bad for the game and with this update something will change to address it, nice. The new weapon(s) will hopefully address some of the meta issues we're having with PVP in general, however everyone is worried about the state of current weapons and armours inside of individual tree's and their usefulness, looking forward for this to be addressed, not just through combat balance, but how each instance of combat(open world PVP, PVE, CD, ZVZ) are played and have multiple angles of approaching how combat is played within the content. Cheer
    • Then add T7/T8 zones that are uncontrollable, SO NO GUILD will own them and Hideout cannot be built, and fill it with tons of mobs, so if a large group want to enter, they will have to clean up.

      Anyway i would ask more things, than rather fix current issues and as other mentioned, why add more and more goals, when you have not finished previous year goals?

      Buff to gathering mount? the mammoth for non-millionaires? the T9 material? the island revamp? the improvement of PvE with lore?
      We are stil waiting....

      As you say in Reddit AMA, main goal of the game is not PvP (even if the player is making up such environment) so why push it more? You want to improve Outlands? Kick all the guild from there and dont allow them to control nothing.
    • I would like to warn them about making too much of a gap for new players to catch up. When you start a new game and you discover that unless you spend money or a ton of hours for months or even years of mindless grind you'll never be able to compete with any older players that really just make you just want to quit as soon as you realize it. So I think that the power boost of theses Elites levels should be not hard to get or/and minimal.

      Open area with unrestricted IP are very sensitive to changes like this.
    • Would be nice to get extra option for satchels to get 2x the current fame we get fro 2x the silver we spend. I don't like the extra specs that you wanna add its really hard for new players to get fame and not everybody gonna start playing in blackzone right away.even reaching master reaver takes a lot of time. Not every player can spend 6-8 hours a day just to fame up their favorite weapon. This change will just boost whales and HCE players which already make a lot of money and get a lot of fame only risking their gear. Just buff the fame gained in blackzone. The sad truth is that if you wanna enjoy the game you need to have atleast 3 full spec weapons which can be used in pvp, pve and zvz. Please dont add "extra" specs if you wont buff the fame gained from killing mobs.
    • I believe that to attract people just increasing the tier of the mob is not something that will make people focus their activities in these areas, since only reward is fame. It will still be better to do avalon with scout and get the best fame and profit of the game. We need a reward for items so that people will move on to this content. I would really be very happy if the static zones were again inhabited by small groups.
      vortex seems to me a content to zerg.

      Eager for new skills and this Elite tier.

      But I feel like we'll have little addition in the RPG part, I'm really expecting new dungeons and new mobs, new races, task, those things....
      But good luck for this update, we look forward to it.
    • Err good i guess I was waiting for buying my load outs directly from the market, the rest of the mounts revamp, a real guild wallet and logs,BZ revamp to diminish the power creep of big alliances, transport contracts ...

      I mean I hoppe this is like a draft , because waiting like 6 months for this content drop seems a bit lackluster at least to me.