Legend of Grrawl

    • Grrawl encounters Bling, twice
      Another week passed and Grrawl made his way back to Thetford to bring raw ore to the city to refine and see his son. During his last trip from the smelter, Grrawl heard a blast of trumpeting fanfare from the Chillhag Gate. The crowd started to make way and Grrawl could see a gilded palanquin carried by 4 warriors enter the city with someone reclining on the plush couch atop it. There were also several servants at the side fanning the passenger with huge linen fans. Grrawl saw several people run off in any direction away from this troupe of people. He wondered what made this person so special. He asked someone standing nearby and he was told this was Bling, a Master of the Realm. Grrawl was also told this was a title given to Bling by the king and it was rumored Bling was also given powerful magic. Bling sat up on the couch as the palanquin entered the city center and began to wave at the crowd. There was some cheering, some booing, and some continued to flee the area for unknown reasons.

      The warriors set the palanquin down and Bling proceeded to levitate off the couch and float just a bit off the ground. Grrawl started to hear someone coming through the crowd from behind him. The person was whispering to anyone they got near that for just 20 fey-coin, they would give 50 million silver. Grrawl did not know what fey-coin was, but 50 million silver was a lot of money for someone to spend on anything. In an instant, Bling had moved from the palanquin to right behind Grrawl so that Bling was face to face with this person trying to buy fey-coin. The person looked up in horror as Bling conjured forth an enormous ban-hammer that had a head covered in hollow pointed spikes. From those spikes burst forth jets of searing flames. The crowd quickly backed up from Bling, the buyer of fey-coin started to run away, but it was too late. Like a lightning bolt crashing to the earth, Bling’s ban-hammer slammed down upon the person. The ground shook and Grrawl was knocked back a bit from the blast. While Grrawl's ears were still ringing from the strike, Bling put away the weapon, pointed at Grrawl, and shouted to the crowd “This man has free candy!” Bling proceeded to levitate back to the couch and the warriors picked up the palanquin again. At the same time, several dozen children mobbed Grrawl asking for candy while checking his pockets. Grrawl tried to explain that he had no candy. After a few frustrating moments, the children left. Grrawl found he was missing a good bit of silver and some of the metal bars he just made at the smelter. He looked towards Bling to hear a boisterous laugh coming from the couch as it departed the city center.

      Grrawl and his son Alec spent the next few days fishing and gathering together. On Grrawl’s last day in Thetford, he got up early to have some extra fishing time alone. Grrawl made his way deep into the swamp and found a good spot teaming with fish. He managed to fish there for a while in the quiet and caught quite a few fish and even managed to reel in a satchel of insight. Suddenly another fisherman materialized on the shore out of nowhere. This caused Grrawl to jump back, almost dropping his fishing rod in the water. Grrawl tried to engage the person in conversation, but they did not respond. Grrawl tapped their shoulder to get their attention, but there was no reaction. Grrawl stood and watched this stranger for a bit and noticed their movements were stilted and repetitive. He could see they were casting the same distance every time and just turning slightly to try to fish a different spot of water. They were not even setting their hook right if they did get a bite. Grrawl tapped on their shoulder again, but a bit harder this time, and heard the “tink-tink” sound of metal under the fishing garb. He listened closely and could hear a soft whirring of gears as the fisherman moved its arms to cast the line out. At that moment, he realized what he was looking at: an automaton. Grrawl learned about them in school but knew they were strictly forbidden to be exported to Albion.

      Grrawl considered destroying the machine but feared that if anyone saw him attacking it, they would mistake Grrawl for being a ganker and attack him. Instead, he decided to stay in the spot to outfish the automaton so that all it would catch would be logs and rocks. This went on for an hour or so till Grrawl heard a commotion from behind him. In the distance, he saw a fight had broken out. Three men were being chased by one man that was moving unnaturally fast. The pursuer would blink out of visibility and appear right next to or in front of the men that he was chasing. The pursuer would slash at them with his metal claws and soon the three men were profusely bleeding. When it looked like they were about to perish, there was a bright flash of light. Suddenly, there was Bling with the blazing ban-hammer at the ready. Bling brought the weapon down with one fluid motion and obliterated the pursuer in an explosion of silver and gear. There were items everywhere that this person had collected off the bodies of others they had ganked. The death of the pursuer was not like that of a typical death in Albion and Grrawl imagined that person was not waking up naked in a city or anywhere else.

      Bling began to clean the ban-hammer using the flames coming out from it to incinerate the blood and flesh left behind. Grrawl called out to Bling to come over and look at the automaton. Bling levitated over to the shore to be hovering just behind the machine. Bling cut open the back and began to investigate to learn who created it. After a few minutes, Bling levitated back a little from the automaton and summoned the ban-hammer. Grrawl saw this start to happen and also took a few steps back to be out of the blast radius. Bling proceeded to bring the flaming weapon crashing down on the machine, flattening it into a molten pile of alloys. Bling thanked Grrawl for the heads up and vanished from his presence in a cloud of purple smoke.
    • New

      Grrawl takes on new roles
      Over the next few weeks, Grrawl spent time working his farm and exploring the dungeons around Caerleon. He started to make a decent living selling his goods and collecting treasures from the local Heretics. On one such adventure into a Hidden Mine, Grrawl had a unique experience. He was importing a load of herbs and meats to use in his recipes at the cooking stations of Caerleon. While in the mine, Grrawl encountered a very tall and plump man who had a fried chicken station. The station had a Heretic Pyromancer supplying the flame to cook the food. Grrawl saw the sign above the station that read, “Big Spencer’s Chicken Shack”. Grrawl began a casual conversation with Big Spencer, and Grrawl mentioned that he was transporting herbs and meats to make the best fried chicken in Caerleon. Big Spencer made a doubting face and asked Grrawl what herbs he used. Grrawl would not disclose his secret recipe to anyone and started to walk away. It was at this point that Big Spencer and the Heretic pyromancer attacked in an effort to steel Grrawl’s herbs. Fortunately, Grrawl was wearing his escape gear, turned himself invisible, and was able to get away, exiting the Mines unscathed and his secret recipe intact.

      Grrawl then continued his journey to Caerleon, singing his jingle "Grrawl's fried chicken. It's butt kicking, yeah yeah", and arrived with no further issues. He proceeded to gather some additional herbs, veggies, and meats to make an assortment of salads, sandwiches, stews, potions, and fried chicken. While riding through the city to the cooking station, Grrawl encountered Evas chatting with a hooded stranger. Grrawl approached and when he got closer, he could see the stranger was actually Bling. Grrawl took a cautious step back, uncertain of what mischief Bling was about to bring down on him. Bling motioned for Grrawl to be at ease and that both of them had heard of the help Grrawl was providing to other adventurers and wanted to offer him the chance to do more good in Albion.

      They proceeded to inform Grrawl that there was a small group of volunteers that help keep things civil in the cities. Their job was to help players who were confused or unaware of how to do things and to put a stop to conversations that typically lead to discord or all-out brawls in the cities. Grrawl said he would be glad to try to help. Bling then granted Grrawl a new spell, Mute, which can silence a person for a varying amount of time depending on the level of the spell. Bling also instructed Grrawl that the spell is to only be used in certain situations. Bling proceeded to ask Grrawl if he would also be interested in keeping the Great Library of Albion up to date and organized. Grrawl was excited by this offer since it might grant him access to information about the Avalonians and where they could have taken his wife. Grrawl accepted this offer as well and Bling teleported them both to the Library where Grrawl could see all the existing tomes of knowledge that were available to all. After the tour was completed and instructions were given to Grrawl, Bling said a quick goodbye and vanished in a cloud of purple smoke. Grrawl was left standing in this massive building and started to find places to reorganize or update information.