Legend of Grrawl

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    • Legend of Grrawl

      Grrawl lived in a small farming town outside of Caerleon with his wife and two children. They were a peaceful village that looked out for one another. Then the Avalonians came. They left a path of death and destruction. Grrawls village attempted to parlay with the invaders to spare the town if they agreed to bend the knee and supply the Avalonians. This was satisfactory to the Avalonians, but there was a mage that took a keen eye to Grrawl's wife and cast a spell on her. She took his wife as her own and left. After the Avalonians were repelled from the land, the own was liberated, and Grrawl began a quest to find his wife. Grrawl left his son and daughter in charge of the farm and instructed them to keep things going for when he returns with their mother.

      Grrawl started his training in the harsh winters in the mountains of Fort Sterling. As he trained and learned how to fight, his body became hardened by the harsh weather but his heart remained warm with the compassion of his village. When meeting other travelers, he was willing to help them when possible or feed them a meal of fish that he just caught. He learned hard lessons about not picking fights he could not win and that not all travelers were to be trusted. There were many setbacks in his quest early on and as time passed his children began to worry. Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months and not a word was sent from their father. Grrawl's children, Alec and Lyn, decided to search for their father. They sold the farm to have the funds to travel and purchase gear. They first checked Fort Sterling but they learned that he had moved on from there.

      Alec and Lyn decided to split up and search for their father. Alec made his way to Thetford and Lyn went to Lymhurst. Both agreed to make those locations their homes so they could find each other. They also established a guild in Bridgewatch called Universal Exports, named after the front company from one of their father's favorite stories. This was to allow them to have a way point between their cities to share resources and gather if needed. Both Alec and Lyn heard of their father passing through the cities but had yet to see him arrive. They had hope he was still alive hearing these stories. Other travelers talking of a kind man who gave them fish or helped them slay foes. Tho his reputation was not famous, they took heart in knowing he was alive. They looked forward to the day when they would see him again, confident it would be soon.
    • Heya,

      This is great. I like the concept of having a story about what you are doing, it gives you more direction in a land where anything is possible and everyone has a chance to make their own story.

      I hope the Son and Daughter find their Father after all... Who knows what love for one's wife could make someone do, love can make you passionate, and driven. I know the power of siblings is very strong as well, with teamwork, perseverance, and dedication to help their Father on his journey through a vastly expanding and deadly world of Albion... Once, and if, they find him at last.

      Grrawl seems to me to be like Socrates, in a way? Maybe not exactly, but helping others with a kind heart along his journey to find the lost love that was stolen from him.

      If there's another takeaway from this, be careful being a mage willy-nilly in Albion, you may have a strong-hearted, yet passionate Grrawl right behind you. He may be a good man, but you never know what a lost love would make him think of you.

      Awesome story here, I look forward to seeing what happens in the future.
    • Alec was returning to Thetford after a hard day of gathering and a face he had longed to see appeared at the city entrance from Willowsigh Marsh. It took a moment to recognize his father fore his beard was long and hair had gone grey. He was also wearing a cape made of bear hide and his armor was covered in the blood and guts of animals he had slain and a pack full of ore to refine. Due to the heavy load, Grrawl's focus was on driving his ox forward and trying not to trample those in front of him. Which is why he did not see his son standing in his way. Alec walked slowly towards his father and stood in his way. The noise of the city was so loud he had to shout to get his father's attention. Grrawl was not expecting to hear the familiar sound of the voice of his son and almost fell off his ox when he looked up and saw his face before him. Grrawl dismounted and they embraced each other in a hug that you would expect from a father and son who were uncertain if they would meet again.

      Grrawl's first question was to ask where was Lyn. Alec informed Grrawl of what they had done and that she was in Lymhurst also keeping watch for him. Grrawl let Alec know that he joined a guild of crafts people and has been learning the trades so he could eventually raise the funds needed to travel to the faraway lands where the Avalonians live. Grrawl had learned the hard way that the outlands were not for the faint of heart and was determined to now repeat the mistake of going there unprepared. Grrawl gave Alec the funds needed to purchase an island in Thetford so they can have a farm and home in that city as well. Grrawl also took Alec to his island home in Caerleon where he was spending most of his time now. He told Alec that he had joined a small group of archivists that are charged with the upkeep and curation of the information about the lands and the Avalonians.

      Grrawl asked that Alec come to Caerleon as often as possible to help take care of his farm there and to gather ore, wood, and leather in thetford so that Grrawl would be able to craft armor and fire staffs to ensure he will have the equipment required to take the fight to the Avalonians when the time comes. Grrawl then deposited his materials with Alec and sent word to Lymhurst to Lyn that he was coming to see her and to wait for him there. Alec thanked his father for his help and kindness. Alec also joined the Thetford faction so he might get any news of Avalonina raiders in the area while also gaining access to the powerful Thetford cape and durable swamp salamander mount. Grrawl was proud of his son's resourcefulness and looked forward to the next time they would meet. They parted company and Grrawl set out for Lymhurst.

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    • The trip from Thetford to Lymhurst, Grrawl had made many times before but this was the first time he was so conflicted. Moved with a father's eagerness to see his daughter again and hold her in his arms but also knowing he must make every minute count while on a trip, Grrawl proceeded to collect every bit of fiber he encountered. Grrawl had sent word to Lyn to expect him shortly while he passed through Fort Sterling. By the time he arrived in Lymhurst, his ox was overflowing with fiber, resembling almost a carnival float of absurd proportions. As Grrawl passed through the Yew Wood gate, he was greeted by his daughter's uproarious laughter of delight. Grrawl knew how much Lyn loved to pick flowers and to see him arrive with such a bouquet was overwhelming for her. As he dismounts, a cloud of pollen and fiber debris explodes around him. Grrawl runs to her and the cloud continues to ploom out from behind him. As they embraced in the biggest hug of Lyn's young life, the cloud moved towards them and completely enveloped them both now in pollen.

      Grrawl proceeded to purchase an island for Lyn in Lymhurst as well and ask her to also help tend his farm in Caerleon when possible and to regularly set out to gather fiber, hide, and stone. Learning that Lyn and Alec had already set up a base of operations in Bridgewatch, Grrawl found himself quite impressed with the resourcefulness and determination of his children. When Grrawl left them at the farm in their village, he was worried that some ill fate would befall them but he also knew the villagers would take care of each other so there was safety there. Seeing that both of his children have started to learn the warriors ways and even managed to join armies of the cities they reside in, he no longer feared for their future. Grrawl knew at that moment, that when the time comes to enter the world of the Avaloninas to look for his wife, the mother of his children, that his children would be by his side. That while their numbers are just 3, the strength of their love and determination to rescue the lost member of their family was far greater.
    • Grrawl's name is a story of tragedy and determination. Grrawls mother was a human who fell in love with a Keeper tribesman. Their love was shunned by both societies so they traveled far from home. They built a homestead in the swamps between Thetford and Caerleon. At that time, there were not many travelers so they were able to live unmolested. When it was time to trade with others, Grrawl's father would make his way to the neighboring keeper encampments, while his mother would travel to Caerleon or Thetford to trade. They lived off the land, hunting animals and farming.

      Then came the day when they were blessed with the news. Grrawl's mother was with child. Because of the physical differences between his mother and father, the pregnancy was of great concern to them both. His mother was visibly very pregnant by the 6th month. Then the unthinkable happened. As if the swamp opened up, a small horde of Morgana sorcerers, acolytes, and soldiers swarmed through the lands. Grrawl's father saw the destruction they were leaving in their wake while returning from trading with a nearby Keeper encampment. As he rode home, there were areas where the swamp was ablaze. His heartbeat fast and he spurred his swamp dragon to run as fast as it could. He arrived home to see their home on fire and his pregnant wife leaning against the great bloodoak that was in front of their home. She had been mortally wounded but was still alive. He steeled his emotions, quickly dismounted, and ran to his beloved. She told him how 3 Morgana soldiers had come demanding all they owned and she fought like a warrior. In their burning home, two of the soldiers had been felled by her spear but the third had flanked her and dealt the fatal blow. Knowing her time was short, she told Grrawl's father to cut their child from her body before she died to save its life.

      It is hard to understate the trauma of such a request, even for a Keeper of Albion. Grrawl's father embraced his wife one last time, drew his dagger from his belt, and proceeded to cut his child from her still-living body. Having learned the traditions of the Keepers from her husband, Grrawl's mother knew the Keeper techniques for childbirth. The roar she bellowed as her belly was cut open to release her child was almost like a bear roar. It was so fierce that the swamp salamander mount retreated away from her. In her last breath, she saw her child lifted from her body by the man she loved. He placed their son in her hands as she expired. Grrawl's father decided that because he was given a son, his name would be the sound his wife bellowed bringing him into the world.

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    • Holy heck this is a great story - lol. I feel like I can picture the scenes as you explain them in great detail. The backstory you have here is amazing, slowly explaining how you are what you are and how your name came to be, and the purpose behind it (however tragic it may have come to be.)
      I enjoy reading these as they are produced sort of like a daily short story to continue the Legend of Grrawl himself while unraveling each piece moment by moment to come to a definite, ultimate conclusion... Really interesting to say the least.

      I look forward to the rest of the timeline... Very fun to read, it gives you a different outlook on the game - sort of like a quest that has been happening all along while we were all oblivious to it taking place; all while this was happening in the background, and we all had no idea! Lol.

      Beautifully written. *claps*
    • Seeking Aid

      While their home burned to the ground and his wife lay dead against the great bloodoak, Grrawl’s father knew they needed help. The closest help that would welcome him is the Keeper encampment a few hours away. Grrawl’s father takes a few moments to gather what he can that might be worth anything for trade and takes loot from the bodies of the 2 Morgana soldiers that his wife fell. He loads 2 polearms, a few hundred silver coins, 4 goat sandwiches, and 2 healing potions. Grrawl’s father also found 1 goat left alive and tied a rope on it to lead it along and provide milk for his newborn son. They mount the swamp salamander and depart for the encampment.

      As the sun begins to set, Grrawls father is able to see the orange glow of a fire coming from the encampment. He is encouraged by this as they continue to arrive. As they get closer, there is eerie silence all around. In times past when Grrawl’s father came here to trade, there would be the sound of conversation and music while the evening meal was prepared and eaten. Entering the encampment, Grraw’s father sees why things are so quiet. All the Keepers were slaughtered and the fire he was seeing was not a cooking fire but several huts set ablaze. Grrawl’s father sees the chieftain's hut is still standing but the fire is moving towards it. Knowing that there may be directions to another encampment in there, he runs in and searches for anything of use. Inside the hut, he finds a Keeper’s cape hidden under the body of the chieftain. He brings the Keeper’s cape out and drapes it over himself and his son while they sit by the fire to stay warm. He brings the goat over to feed Grrawl some milk before they lay down for the night.

      Grraw’s Father wakes at sunrise to the sight of fires having consumed the huts and are now extinguished except for some smoldering ash. He stands up to shake off the morning dew and as he does so, he discovers a map hidden in the lining of the cape. Removing the map, Grraw’s father finds the map will lead them to another Keeper colony hidden in the mountains of Creag Meagir. Based on their current location, Grrawl’s father thinks it will take them 4 days to travel to reach the Caverns and so they set out.
    • Arrival at the Keeper’s Hidden Caverns

      The trip to the mountains of Creag Meagir was uneventful and as the sun hung high in the sky, Grraw’s father was able to start to make out the outline of the entrance to the hidden caverns. The area seems to be undisturbed and there are no signs of any Morgana soldiers in the area. They enter the cavern and are greeted with a burst of warm air, and the sight of two Knifelings standing guard. Grrawl’s father approaches them, and they draw their weapons and command him to stop. Grrawl’s father turns his back to show the Keeper’s cape to the Knifelings to show them that he is a chieftain. Seeing his standing as a chieftain, they invite him into the caverns and escort him to a sitting area and bring him and Grrawl some food while someone goes to fetch the leader of this colony.

      Some time passes and Grrawl’s father has spent the time talking to the few other keepers that brought him food. He learns that this colony is quite old and is a seat of power in the area. Suddenly a low thud sound is heard off in the distance, followed by another. The sound grows louder and the ground starts to shake. A few minutes later while the sound continues to grow and the earth continues to shake, an Earthmother comes into view.

      She stands before Grrawl’s father, staring intently at him for a few moments, and then for the first time in many years, his Keeper name is spoken by another Keeper. “What brings you here, Alecitour Granitefist?” Grrawl’s father tells her the tale of the last 5 days, and the destruction the Morgana soldiers are leaving in the land. He was careful to omit that the mother of his son was a human, just allowing the implication to exist that things didn’t work out with the human he left with and that he was living with the Keeper encampment that he was trading with. He tells her that he was away from the encampment during the attack and shows her the cape that he was able to recover from the hut before it was consumed by fire.

      The Earthmother takes the cape, thanks him for bringing it to them, and then bestows it back on him. She gives him the job of helping to train the Keeper defense forces in the caverns so they can be ready should any Morgana soldiers find them. Grrawl’s father thanks her for the generosity and pledges his fealty to her and the community.
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      Grrawl’s childhood growing up amongst Keeper children

      The years passed, and Grrawl grew to a young child. He was a bit smaller than most of the other Keeper children but there were a few other “runts'' that he became friends with. His strength was a near match for them and they would play together: direbear cub wrestling, throwing rocks at baby stone golems, fighting with bones.

      When 12 years had gone by since their arrival, it became obvious that Grrawl was different from all the others. His height and bone structure was smaller than even the runts. In fact most Keeper children half his age were taller and bigger than him. There were two things that kept him safe: his father’s position as the Master of the Guard in the Keeper defense forces, and the fighting skills his father taught Grrawl over the years. Grrawl had a compassionate and gentle heart which was also considered a weakness by the Keepers. Grrawl found that some of the Keeper children that targeted him due to his size eventually left him alone when he refused to fight back. There was no glory for them in beating down a smaller opponent, especially if he was seen as weak. Grrawl knew he could easily take them because when sparing this his towering father, he was able to deliver mighty blows. Grrawl also realized that if he showed his strength, the other Keeper children would all want to fight him to prove their strength.

      Grrawl had a studious mind though and had no desire to become a warrior. Alecitour, Grraw’s father, saw this at an early age. While Grrawl did engage in the typical Keeper games, if invited to play, he was usually targeted by the other children and would lose quickly. When alone he would study the glowing mushrooms, talk to the Will-o-Wisps, or watch the Druids practice their skills. Alecitour made sure to give him as much education as he could from the lessons taught to him by Grrawl’s mother and some tutelage from a Druid friend of his. Alecitour knew that the limits of his ability to educate his son were coming and that if he wanted his son to be accepted in a community, Grrawl would have to leave the Keepers.