A few questions about Guilds, Alliances and Politics.

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    • A few questions about Guilds, Alliances and Politics.

      Hey, im a somewhat intermediate player and Im in a small roads guild rn. Now I want to start in the "late game" content (bz, ava dungeons etc.). Atm im searching a Guild. Would you guys recommend joining a big alliance? So far ive heard of:
      Could somebody say a few pro/cons to each alliance

      bief overview of the current politics? That would be great, also are there some smaller alliances worth joining?

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    • ARCH - nwebies,noobs,rats,shiters money making alliance mostly oriented for PVE
      POE - RENT EMPIRE most hated alliance after SQUAD, full ZVZ oriented, NO edate friendly!
      SURF - shiters evicted from every lock in the game actually in BW for 2 or 3 times. full ZVZ oriented
      CALL - HYPE alliance created to fight vs SQUAD & POE coallition under banner "SAVE THE GAME" full ZVZ oriented with many old GVGers and banger players.
      SQUAD - most hated alliance in the game, EDATERS kings, full ZVZ oriented
    • If you're looking for 'PvE endgame' like Ava dungeons and high tier group dungeons an ARCH guild is probably your best bet.

      If you're looking for ZvZ really any of those four other alliances have guilds in them that would probably take an intermediate player. Of the top of my head though, SURF seem to have a lot of guilds with lower requirements. POE2 has the same. CALL I believe is more oriented to established players so has higher requirements. SQUAD guilds are probably in the same boat as POE2/SURF.

      Out of this list only, CALL and SURF are in a coalition against POE and SQUAD (and ARCH? not sure). If you want ZvZ I'd realistically say just find the guild with the lowest requirements and the highest regears. Maybe pick depending on what city you want to live out of.
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