solo dungeons resistance/reflect buff

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    • solo dungeons resistance/reflect buff

      As you know there is a reputation system in the game and everyone that wants to get in blue zones gotta be over a certain reputation (like cmon, as pk'ing in redzone isn't enough hard). So we gotta play dungeons and solo dungeons is easier and faster for reputation. the thing is that i enter in my dungeon then i run to do it, and i see a name in a corner of my screen. before seeing the name i took a buff from a shrin ine the dungeon, the one who gives you a green aura, resistances and dammages reflect. I go for see if those guys are tagging for becoming pk and they're doing, 1 finished so he begins to hit me. Seeing that, i just run to the gate, not attacking them. when i'm getting on the gate i can't get away cause i have a "boost" that gives me reflect of dammages and get me in combat. what can i do ? ? ?

      It's just stupid to get in combat because other are attacking u and u didn't even use a spell.