World Paradox Recruitment

    • World Paradox Recruitment

      hi all LinkXavier here to tell you that my new Guild is Recruitmenting just add your player name in there and all so we moslty use discord to at

      if your just starting out and in Tutorial once you se the Boat come in to Dock you will need to goto Highlands Cross Guild ISLAND is at MARTLOCK when you get to Highlands Cross there will be Qests that you can do there till it takes you up to MARTLOCK
      if you get stuck just come on the Discord were allways on there on voice chat

      for all i iam hopeing to do Guild Teratory soon but iam wanting to make shure that all member are ready for it before we stat it and have active mambers to so i hope to se you on Discord soon and in game soon and there no Tear Reqirment :)
      slash2744/Legendary Founder :)