I'm still shaking

    • I'm still shaking

      I am new to the game (created my account 2 days ago) and since the start I have been focused on making money in the game by trying different ways of doing it. Lately what I have found to make me good profits has been buying stuff in Caerleon and selling it in other cities.
      After 4-5 trips without anything happening I decided to step it up and risk a little bit more, so I got all the silver I had and invested it in one single trip. All I had was my T5 horse and the goods. There was no money left for armor or weapons, but it was gonna be alright since nothing had happened the previous times, right?
      It was not. I crossed the path to a VI red zone and suddenly there are a bunch of flagged people around me. Marker on minimap says 14 flagged people. F U C K.
      So I did what I do best, running away in a random direction while panicking and almost crying. Managed to get away from the 3-4 people chasing me and went towards one of the exits, but as I got close I saw other 5-6 red names. They were camping the exits. So I ran away again and as soon as I managed to lose them for a few seconds I saw a dungeon and decided to hide inside. After 3 panicked mounts and dismounts I managed to get in. Then I went deep inside getting KOed 3-4 times by the mobs and after finding a good spot I logged out, not without fearfully watching the counter on the minimap while the countdown slowly counted from 300.
      It has been like 20 minutes and I'm still shaking. Is this going to be my life from now on?
    • it warns you these areas are hostile it is part of the game. Always be prepared when entering red and black zones. Huge risks. But bigger rewards. If you survive in those zones. Tip... join a guild and don't go alone. Definitely don't bring your best gear. You will lose it all. If you want strategy I saw some folk run into those zones naked just to watch how the pros did it all. Watch. Learn. Win

      Best of luck