State of the Hellgate Meta 2v2's

    • State of the Hellgate Meta 2v2's

      A lot of Melee Healer comps,you're standard great holy and a mixture of different melee weapons, (Dagger Pair,Greataxe,Pike,Glaive ,Claymore)

      Why is that?

      There is currently a problem in 2 vs 2 that is being overlooked and it involves a mechanic that's been in the game for years, and in 2 vs 2s it is easy to see why.

      That mechanic is Line Of Sight .

      Line of Sight is the plague that is killing caster comps atm. If you have a 2 vs 2 comp that relies heavily on your Q's and W's or auto attacks (Fire,Arcane,Bow,Crossbow) Line of Sight destroys it, all the enemy has to do in a 2 v 2 hell gate is circle around a object to avoid your Q's and W's , normally these caster comps win because they out value the opponent ,doing more dps then the healer can heal but when ur getting 1 hit in every 2 seconds because you are getting LoS'ed suddenly the healer can out heal your damage ruining your win condition.

      So why does this matter and why does it have to do with their being a melee meta?

      (Dagger Pair,Greataxe,Pike,Glaive ,Claymore) These melee weapons have 1 thing in common , Powerful E's , it doesn't matter if the enemy healer heals up your Q when your LoS'ing the enemy caster you can 100 to 0 them in a few seconds with your E meanwhile the casters have to setup the kill slowly out valuing what the healer can provide. The pike can Q through the obstacle he is using to LoS you building his stacks and going for the finish when he is ready to set it up, if he messes up rinse and repeat.

      Until we see this mechanic being addressed in 2vs2 we will consistently see the dominating comps being surrounded by powerful 100 to 0 E weapons. Or any comp for that matter that addreses the LoS mechanic well.

      Video doesn't record my audio, but shows the state of casters in 2 v 2s.

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