Aura Spells Hit Detection

    • Aura Spells Hit Detection

      "Aura" spells are a spell type that applies an effect in a radius around a specified target for a set period of time (specter jacket, forge hammers, guardian armor, purity robe, bloodletter, evensong, just to name a few)
      Every attackable object in the game has a collisionRadius, basically the hitbox size, which vary in size (eg. rabbit vs player vs mammoth)
      The problem is that aura spells ignore the collisionRadius hitboxes and instead only detects an object's center coordinates (the very center of its hitbox). This leads to aura spells (like new hoarfrost) having smaller than advertised hitboxes (in comparison to other spells) and having less effective AoE size than is stated.
      The distortion is 0.75m vs Players, and can be much more vs mobs with larger hitboxes

      I don't know if the devs know about this, and just compensate for it in balancing, but it'd be great to get some clarification, as nobody I've spoken with has known about this
      Auras are also used in the functions of other spells, and in those scenarios it makes sense for it to only detect center coordinates

      Hope this helps shed light on these problems and explains why some spells may not feel as big as they are stated to be

      P.S. Hoarfrost's AoE actually stays around the target for a quarter of a second

      aura spell overlapping hitbox, but not touching center

      non-aura spell hits even when barely touching edge of hitbox

      Thanks for reading <3
      ~ Kanra