Binding phone number to albion account.

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    • Binding phone number to albion account.

      Too many pros, no cons. SBI please consider it.
      As some player said:

      That would fix so much stuff :').
      No more bots in game.
      No more scammers.
      Account would be more valuable to players.
      Crafters could still have multiple guild islands, as it is still 1 account.
      Only abusers of recommendation system and island farming (especially on bot) would be hurt, as they wont be able to gather all 1k islands.
      After patch island renting would be flooded by islands as well, so its a loss to them.
      Economy would be healthier, by a lot.
      Server stability cuz less bots active.
      More disadvantages to becoming hacker.
      Binding account to number would be additional security.
      Players RMT getting huge hit.
    • Here are some cons:

      - The more data you ask at registration the higher the turn-off rate is. This is particularly true regarding PII.
      - If SBI gets hacked, all players' mobile phones will be nicely out there linked to emails.
      - Extra messiness for the user when they change their phone number.

      Also, people can still get throwaway sim cards to register bots and such.

      These changes would not eliminate bots and scammers. They'd probably reduce them, but it would also reduce normal players.

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    • ^
      - Its 1 data. Also that might be true, but there are ways to convince people.
      One of the ways is to limit gameplay to SSF (solo self-found, as //no market/trade// or just blocking //trade option + with chest// for unregistered/unpaid with real $$. Its extreme example tho, but tempting for some part of playerbase)
      But even without persuading, i don't think albion would lose much of playerbase. I can tell that with next argument which is:

      - People already linked their numbers to emails by using mobile version. This is rare to not see chimera in city rn.
      So it's also a good moment to see and consider implementing that stuff.
      Also giving number to hacker doesnt change much, as verification to changes always requires message to such number // Password to email+account would be probably same for most of people anyways.

      - About extra messiness, it is already happening with emails, which changes more often compared to phone numbers.
      Phone numbers would actually help that, as changing email requires proving that you're owner of the account. With phone you might do that easily.
      It works the other way as well, you can change phone with email, as email is hard to be stolen - especially if they are now supported by phones too.
      Currently if you lose email due to hack(which is hard to do, because even google requires number), you would lose account anyways. Number would be that second defense layer.

      - SIM cards aren't free and in some countries they are prohibited (due to drug trafficking). If they would want to pay for SIM it wouldn't make sense, as gold in game is probably cheaper. In some cases it would only bring back some people who got banned and that's all.

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