Maximum slots?

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    • Maximum slots?

      I am curious about the following:

      -How many city banks are there?
      -How many slots do each of the banks have total?
      -what is max number of islands you can own per account?
      - How many of the largest storage chests can I place on the island(s)?[how many slots do they have and weight limit?

      Finally How many characters max can be created per account?
    • Each city has 1 bank for free, additional slots can be purchased for silver. The cost increases with every slot you've bought.

      The purchased tabs should have the same amount of slots as the free one.

      You can only own 1 player island per character and 1 guild island per guild but you can give your character access to any player or guild islands that other characters created, the max permission you can give other characters is co-owner though.

      You can place up to up to 14 in houses and up to 90? expert's chests in guild halls. They have 64 slots and a 24296kg weight limit. Additonally you can also purchase crates or recruiter chests that can be placed outside of buildings.

      Your account can have up to 3 characters, you are allowed to create additional accounts though.

      - Hellements