Black zone is filled, up MAPs tiers maybe?

    • Black zone is filled, up MAPs tiers maybe?

      Black zone maps are filled to the max, there is no place for new guild or alliances, everything is occupied or rented from any handholders fro silver, number of T8 maps is a huge problem and pve guilds who cant fight over big zvz alliances cant do anythiing about that. My suggestion is to upgrade maps tier by +1. As in the past u have removed all T4 black zone maps up them to T5. Right now all T5 maps are useless in black zones, nobody want to live ther, even if anyone set up hideout there thats because the map is next to any better tier map and this is only bank place for the guild. The T8 worldboss maps are like on one so in result we have not enough T8 maps to live and too many T5 in black zone. Maybe this is time to increase amount of players in black zones? We have bigger population right now, some new guilds are starting and there is no place for them, what they can do? Ask handholders if they can set up their HO on any t7 map where already 5-8HO's are holding and pay them? Thats too many players anyway for one map. So my suggestion in to up tiers in black zones:

      ALL T5 maps up to T6
      ALL T6 maps up to T7
      ALL T7 maps up to T8
      ALL T8 stay T8

      In result we will find new places for many guilds who looking for T8 map access. So many people want to do solo T8 maps next to their guild HO, avalons and group dungeons, right now only few guiild can do that without risk becouse they own the palce for a long time also why solo dungeons are up to 1 map, group to 2 and avalon maps up to 3 maps? Why is this like that? People are pissed because they have to run from w to n because his map is spawned on the opposite side of the map and they have to waste like 2-3min runing there, what about people who have few t7/t8 next to each other and his group dungeon is spawned 2 maps far away and team have to skip map and open next one because wont rish travel and wasting time for travel anyway and for avalons that even more stupid, we have to organized 20 people with sets for around 10mil and then run few mins to the spawn place when best guilds have captured maps which have only 1 place to spawn the map in the palce where u want and leaving ho going to ava and back to HOs. Thats not fair and unnecessary complication and should be easier like u have to stand on the tier map to spawn this dungeon tier. Thats all, simple and solving problems for many people.
    • I hate to tell you but no matter how many zones they add or tiers changed the major alliances will still always hold it all and your small guild would need to pay rent if allowed at all for access.

      Only way all guilds would really have a shot is if they allowed all guilds to place 1 max HO and made indestructible from attacks (would still disappear if not fed/kept up etc). But that would cause its own set of problems.

      I would say though it was much better pre Queen when T7 zones were much closer to realm gates for those small guilds or solo players to have some realistic access.

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