[16. June 2021] Call to Arms Patch 7 (Season 13 Patch)

    • [16. June 2021] Call to Arms Patch 7 (Season 13 Patch)

      Call to Arms Patch 7 (Season 13 Patch) - Version 18.070.1 - June 16, 2021

      Season 13 Changes

      This patch includes numerous changes for Guild Season 13, which begins on Saturday 19 June. As the next major content update later this year will focus on open-world improvements, the intention is to roll out some of these improvements now, particularly those that affect competitive guild players.
      Open-World Mobs: Additions and Changes

      New Mob: Crystal Spider
      • The Crystal Spider is a new rare boss that randomly spawns in Roaming Mob positions across the Outlands
      • Once it spawns, it will be displayed on the minimap for every player in the zone
      • The boss is suited to be fought in small groups of 3-5 players
      • Defeating it gives high-value Artifacts, including Avalonian Artifacts, as well as Season Points
      • Each Crystal Spider gives between 10 (“Outer Circle'') and 30 (“Inner Circle”) Season Points
      New Mob: Treasure Drone
      • Treasure Drones are rare mobs that transport valuable Avalonian Chests through the open world
      • They can be defeated by solo adventurers
      • The chest contains Avalonian Artifacts, Avalonian Energy, Silver, and a mix of all kinds of fragments
      • The drone comes in the same four rarity levels as dungeon chests
      • Furthermore, the tier of the drone also depends on the tier of the zone, with higher-tier drones carrying more valuable loot
      Changes to Open-World Mobs
      • Mobs at open-world spawn locations will be "rerolled" periodically and replaced with higher-value mobs
      • Higher-value mobs can include bosses, the new Treasure Drones, or even Crystal Spiders
      Mob and World Boss Changes
      • World bosses now spawn every two hours instead of every hour
      • Doubled Season Points granted for killing World Bosses (Tier 8: 15 → 30 Season Points)
      • Doubled Fame for killing all roaming mobs and Siphoning Mages
      • Changed the relative scaling of Season Points earned by killing World Bosses and Static Dungeon Bosses to match the progression of Territories / Castles, based on proximity to center of Outlands (values are from "outer" to "inner" ring):
        • Quality 1 ‘Outer Ring’ - Season Point Multiplier: 1 (unchanged)
        • Quality 2 - Season Point Multiplier: 2 → 1.4
        • Quality 3 - Season Point Multiplier: 3 → 1.8
        • Quality 4 - Season Point Multiplier: 4 → 2.2
        • Quality 5 - Season Point Multiplier: 5 → 2.6
        • Quality 6 ‘Inner Ring’ - Season Point Multiplier: 6 → 3
      Castle and Castle Outpost Changes
      • Castle layouts have been updated to make fights more balanced:
        • The narrow bridges leading to the castle gates in forest biomes have been widened to give attackers more space to breach the doors
        • A staircase has been added to the outer wall of the Lord’s room, giving defenders more positioning options
      • Doubled the loot value of Castle Outpost Chests
      Resource and Transmutation Changes
      • To increase the value of gathering resources in the open world, the overall amount of enchanted resources in the world has been increased – the spawn rate of .2 (Rare) resources has been doubled, while the spawn rate of .3 (Exceptional) resources has been quadrupled
      • To further solidify the value of each individual resource, transmutation prices have been adjusted
      • Transmutation prices for resources have generally been increased, with lower tiers seeing more of an increase than higher tiers
      • To mitigate the increase in transmutation costs for resources the respawn rate of all T5+ resources in the open world has been increased by 20%
      • Transmutation prices for upgrading Runes to Souls, Souls to Relics, and Relics to Avalonian Shards have been significantly reduced, with the goal of making high-level Artifacts cheaper to craft and more accessible to use.
      20v20 Crystal League Change
      • To increase participation in Level 2-3 matches, these two levels have been consolidated. Level 1 and 2 matches will happen daily, and Level 3 matches will be twice a week.
      • For detailed changes to the 20v20 schedule and rewards, see this forum post: forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/149987
      Disarray Changes
      • To reduce the effectiveness of trying to stack as many players into the cluster queue as possible, the Disarray curve has been adjusted to be much steeper. This especially makes a difference in groups of 100+, where previously the effective damage penalty between groups of 100v150 was very low.
      • For more information, see this forum post: forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/149987
      Safety from Instances in the Open World
      • When leaving any kind of dungeon, Hellgate, Corrupted Dungeon or Roads of Avalon Portal, the shield bubble now only has a 50m radius.
      • The longer-range shield bubble is now only given when passing through one of the main entrances to a zone.
      Hellgate Changes
      • Corpses can no longer be looted while a Hellgate PvP match is active
      • Deaths due to lava damage in Hellgates grant the other team PvP Fame
      New Avatar Rings Available

      Four new Avatar Rings are now available at the Vanity Shop for Adventurer's Tokens. These tokens can be acquired by trading in unused Adventurer's Challenge rings. New rings available:
      • Farmer Ring
      • Crossed Axes Ring
      • Fisherman Ring
      • Necromancer Ring
      Other Changes
      • Players can no longer be knocked, pulled, or feared into zone exits
      • [MOBILE] Improved precision of drag controls on larger devices
      Combat Balance Changes

      Holy Staffs
      • Self Healing Sickness Debuff (all Holy Staffs):
        • Duration: 20s → 60s
      Nature Staffs
      • Self Healing Sickness Debuff (all Nature Staffs):
        • Duration: 18s → 60s
      • Wind Wall (Knight Armor):
        • The ability is now a 6-second uninterruptible channel
        • Additionally, each time an enemy player enters the Wind Wall, the caster gets a buff that increases own resistances by 0.2 and Crowd Control Resistance by 0.3 for 6 seconds (stacks up to 5 times)
      • Inner Corruption (Cultist Cowl):
        • Debuff Duration: 7s → 4s
        • Damage per Tick: 61.43 → 67
      • Fixed an issue where Guild and Alliance chats would disappear when resetting chat settings
      • Removed obsolete Level 3 20v20 Crystal League tokens from the Energy Manipulator's store
      • Removed incorrect "non-tradable" symbol from Level 6 20v20 Crystal League tokens
      • Freezing Wind (Frost Staffs) now requires 3 stacks to root enemies, as intended
      • Additional graphical, audio, UI, and localization fixes
    • PrintsKaspian wrote:

      Players can no longer be knocked, pulled, or feared into zone exits
      Thank you for this, Even having the notification for RZ on at all times, it was still annoying to have ganking groups think they could demount me off my mammoth and push me into red...
      Wasting both our time.
      Guild Master of American Craftsman
      ~Discord gb5Xdpr~
      T8 Quarrier, Miner, Lumberjack, Skinner, Harvester, Fisher
    • in your previous post here: Changes for Guild Season 13

      you mention that for the new transmutation values, the new "tier upgrades" cost for everything but stone will be "item value x 200"

      this is incorrect for every tier except tier 5 -> 6

      assuming "base price" is what this value refers to?

      are the different values intended and the correct values going forward or a mistake?

      -- edit: I was told they are slightly off due to rounding, but correct as in-game now

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    • Ashoracky wrote:

      You know that it got fixed to the point it was meant to be after rework, right? It applied root with 2 stacks, now it needs to be 3 as intended. Also I think after rework 1h frost became more viable than it was before.
      Well it was fine back before rework, it was good right after it, now it's another bland useless trash weapon.
      Meanwhile healers still outheal every other rdps, regardless of that stupid change to healing sickness. Xbows continue to kill people from outside their screen spamming a braindead skill, maces continue to combo and push you away dealing almost half your health.
      And that nerf on ava staff was non existant they still are top tier. Really the balancing on this game is beyond stupid, thats what you get when you put a rp manager into a dev role he is not prepared for I guess..
    • The more I think about it the more I believe wind wall makes 0 sense being on knight armor in the first place. Guardian armor gives an aoe field that buffs you and lowers dmg, soldiers armor gives a stacking attack damage buff and then theres knight armor......"me make wind go swooosh".
      Blood or silver, how do you want to pay me?