Looking for a managing partner for a public hideout in the outlands right next to Merlyn's Rest.

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    • Looking for a managing partner for a public hideout in the outlands right next to Merlyn's Rest.

      • I have a hideout in the Outlands, specifically in Giantweald Woods - which is right next door to Merlyn's Rest.
      • It is owned by me in my 1-player Guild: Merchants of the Mist.
      • The purpose of the hideout is to create a public access location for players and travelers who live in or around Merlyn's Rest.
      Due to various things going on at the moment I don't have the time to actively market and care for the hideout.
      • So I thought I'd try to find a managing partner for the hideout this way.
      Your job:
      - promote the hideout and establish relationships with players or guilds that are looking for a place to live or craft in the Outlands
      - feed the hideout, the crafting and the refining buildings and setting up the access rights for interested parties
      - brainstorm and execute ideas how to profit from owning and running a public hideout in the Outlands

      Your benefits:
      - co-owner on the crafting and refining buildings with full autonomy setting and deciding public and associate rates (including keeping any profits made and 0% tax for you or your guild)
      - potential preferred / exclusive access to a few houses with laborers in the hideout
      - access to a prime location in the outlands

      If you are interested in this oportunity, please get in touch via Discord: Bogul#6397 and we can discuss any questions or details you'd want to know about.

      The goal for me is to break even on the running costs of the hideout and in case there are any profits to be made, I'm more than happy to give you the overwhelming majority of it (90%++).
      I would see myself working together with you or your guild and taking on the responsibility to negotiate and pay for any tribute payments. The rest of the hideout 'business' would be in your hands.