My stuff is just gone

    • My stuff is just gone

      I left Albion for a while, so I got kicked from my guild, Sancta Inquisitio, but they let me access the guild's island again so I could pick up the stuff I left in the guild's chest. When I opened it, there was nothing, but I know I had a 24m battle mount, along with some other stuff. Does anyone know if getting kicked out of a guild makes your stuff just disappear? They haven't moved island or anything. Is there a way of knowing where my things could be, too?
    • Which battle mount? That will give us a timeline to go off from.

      I don't think the preQueen move applied to items on guild islands; only to items out in the blackzone in chests / guild plot.

      It may be good to know that making millions is way easier now than it was back when you played. You can easily remake what you lost after joining a decent guild and playing the game.
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