Can we get a map for CD's too?!

    • Corrupted Dungeons
    • Can we get a map for CD's too?!

      The lack of cd's in some zones from time to time is absurd, I just spent a solid 7 min to try and find a dungeon.

      All other content, solo, grp, hellgate, they all have maps so if you want to pay a bit you can skip the time for looking and just get a location, so why not for cd's?
    • Even though I do not do corrupted dungeons, I think this is a great idea!

      You could have two types, lethal and non-lethal maps, just like the hell gate maps.
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    • hear me out. what if we don't pop maps for it, but "corrupt" the green dungeons? this would be a nice thing since its literally called corrupted dungeons.

      and probably corrupted dungeons with themes as well. like we currently have Heretic CD. What if we have Morgana Corrupted Dungeon. Or a Keeper Corrupted Dungeon?
      and maybe, when on upper ranks of infamy, we have Avalonian Corrupted Dungeon?

      idk but i think its great