Making money???

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    • You can make money practically everywhere ..
      Then it only depends on where how many ..(but don't wait for specific instructions on what and where it pays off most)
      Yes, gathering is ok, players use probably the most roads, but BZ are also fine, ideal if you have access to HO ..
    • Shadowsurfer1221 wrote:

      So I just got back to the game I'm having to start over in a way what is a good way to make some cash n pay for prim? Is gathering still worth it to make some cash?
      Hey, yeah Gathering is still profitable. But if you farm in the Redzone or Blackzone it can also mean a loss for you. I was able to earn some silver at the beginning with items crafting or trading between the different cities, I also run a few dungeons a day rather for the glory but you also get good silver out.