anger from the arch player

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    • anger from the arch player

      We ARCH players already struggle to fight the enemy blobs. Numbers is
      the only advantage we have to hardly give us a chance to fight the enemy
      equally. Now you give us this disarray...How about just tell us to
      uninstall the game?

      This new disarray mechanic only favors alliances like June, steve,
      arch4(fake arch), or some other guilds who have high IP and experienced
      veteran players. They may only have 100 in a blob but their fighting
      power is worth more than 800 people. On the other hand, arch may has a
      300 people blob but its fighting power is actually only 100. Now with
      this new disarray, arch is over.

      With this patch, Gluttony already announced that he will restructure the
      alliance both archk and arch, which means that many guilds will be
      kicked and many players( especially new players) will lost their home
      and the chance to enjoy the game.

      ARCH has at least more than 10000 active players in Archghanistan. If
      you ever been to Nemisis Ho in redtree encalve you can see many of them
      use real money to buy your skin SBI, which I can say that ARCH players
      are actually your real financial supporter in this game SBI.

      Now you make this patch to betray your economic supporter to appeal to
      the minority who keep whining on the forum every day? Nice! what a great
      job SBI!

      Let me tell you: if arch fall, many players will delete the game and no more people will buy your shitty ugly stupid skin.
      I'm glad I didn't buy it. I already regret that I bought the new player pack.

      What a nice developer who only favors old veteran players but still
      wants to cheat new players to play this game and steal their money to
      buy that disgusting skin.
    • JonnnyBones wrote:

      You could always learn to play the game instead of being a zerging unorganized shithole, that's the reason this whole damage scaling thing was put in in the first place was because a bunch of pussies who couldn't defend themselves found strength in numbers.
      If they think using numbers is not fair, they should give disarray to gankers as well. 7 gankers chasing 1 poor guy is much more pussier than 1:4 in zvz. If you disagree, your logic is broken.

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    • i dont think 16000 players will leave the game. i know some people who joins guilds with the arch alliance to get enough money and fame to start the game and leave. some of them were random people i met ingame and joined my guild and some are my actual friends who i told to join arch so they can get some what of a headstart in the game. so i dont think 16000 players will delete the game. and its not like there is no other guild that will give those new players a new home.
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    • This is hilarious coming from an ARCH player...

      ARCH is known for literally chasing 1 gatherer through multiple zones with 20+ people. What about diving a dungeon group of 5 with 20 players or more?

      Now look who's crying that your BS zerg tactics are finally getting shoved back up your ass.

      Good riddance, I hope you all quit. Albion just had a mobile launch and each new player can basically replace every single ARCH member and then some and still be fine. The only thing people will miss is the meme that is ARCH.

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    • I want remnd that debuff and other stuff was applied after arch was smashed and were crying they cant do shit vs one shot meta, cuz 1 quality player was able to wipe 100 archs in 2 engages.
      I remember how people launched on arch in old GMK to farm kills/fame/items

      now albion became a fucking noob friendly PVE bullshit

      CREATE guild. pay glut 10mil, enjoy infinity profit.