Tiny feedback regarding Android Phone

    • Tiny feedback regarding Android Phone

      Playing on RogPhone 5 (16GB of ram), mostly all is fine when you are Roaming in openWorld or in the city, BUT , when you enter Corrupted dungeon or some solo dungeons FPS drops in half , from 60 to 25-35.
      Changing Video settings do not help, in most of the cases. Because when i change settings from max to min, i get 8 FPS more.

      Funny thing is that sometimes , when you restart Albion on max settings (around 10+ times) - you get 59-60 stable FPS. And it doesnt matter what temperature you got on your device. Also i was trying different settings in Armory Crate , it doesnt help.
      P.S On IOS all is perfect (was using Ipad M1)