Missing first time premium puchase rewards

  • Missing first time premium puchase rewards

    Well, boug first time prem. and just got 30 days premium. No 1000 gold, no horse. Wrote to support last week and no response. Is it typical to wait this long for a reply? Can i do anything else than mailing them?

    Sorry for being unclear. When i typed "bought first first time prem" i was trying to type i bought the special offer for the first time pucharse. Clicked on the panel with the horse (i do not remember how it looked - it is no longer there)

    Edit 2:
    Idk if this is a factor, but i play and bought the stuff on my mobile phone, i do not own a pc or a laptop

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  • Thank you for the responses!:)
    Thank you for the welcome ^_^/
    I made sure i clicked that, i tend to be paranoid when i buy stuff online. Plus i suppose if i did not click the special first time offer to redirect me to the shop - the specia offer would still be there? Anyhow i am 100% sure i clicked that -special first time offer- got redirected to the website and used a paysafecard to complete the pucharse.
    Ps. That does seem like a lame excuse for poor game desighn -first time buy is first time buy- the dumbest mobile apps do not have this "problem". I still have no response from tech support. I updated the ticked once few hours after creating it last week with my email and character name just in case (or 1 day layer vant rmber - but did it only once) and did not touch it since. Hopefully the powers at be will respond to this error, no luck yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me please:)

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  • SHARKY wrote:

    @mightyboop, Just a thought - have you checked the 'Claim Rewards' link in the 'Settings' menu?

    I am playing on a mobile device, i do not own a pc or a laptop. My guild friends tried to show me this option as i streamed my game via discord. I have only a scroll that opens more funcions in the upper right corner in stead of that nice cog wheel. 8 people plus me searched in that stream for that "claim rewards" button. We pressed everything, went everywhere and 20ish minutes later we concluded it is not there. We were suprised:) Thank you for your answer!