Been gone.... questions?

    • Been gone.... questions?

      Hey whats up guys shadowsurfer here!! So I have recently come back from being gone along time ( 1 half year) spent some time away due to life... well I'm back and I'm wondering how is the health of the game ? Is it still worth playing? If so what are some good pvp combos? Or fame farming combos? I remember I played a mage n druid n priest.... anywho yea also how is PvE I am wanting to maybe make some cash and lvl up my tools. I know I had T5 mining T5 fishing and T5 wood cutting but yea... how hard is it to become a merchant so like making high quality stuff n selling them or just making stuff, Or selling the mats n what not? Are their any guilds out there that teach that? Next how is the community? Still meh and toxic or decent xD. I will be on moble for awhile because where I live only allows phones no computers. so is it playable on mobile or no? Anywho thanks for your time:D if you got anything worth while to share tips and tricks it'd love them <3. I'm looking to soak up as much info as I can so I can get back into the game running. I also have a maxed out island ? Not sure what to do with it to make $$$$ with it Any suggestions? Also is premium worth it? Thanks


      Ps. If wanna chill in game leave names I'll add u thanks:)

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    • You want others to educate you, a number amongst the many, who left the game a year ago.

      Sorry kid, you gotta do the learnings yourself. You ain't soaking up anything, you waiting on others to do the thinking for you.

      The questions you rattle off are 1st grade quality. Glad to you tied your shoe laces today.

      Is premium worth it? "No"
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      Newbie questions are welcome! <3 <3

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