Interface bug unselected

    • Interface bug unselected

      Hi there, im trying to play albion from my laptop and its impossible i can go around and click in the map without problem , but when i try to use chat or maybe inventory or equip something , start to open close open close open close the interface i choose, also to log in i have to copy my email and my password and try a lot of times click and paste fast because i only have like miliseconds to react ._. , thanks :D
      Edit : i try to quit ESC(to quit all the windows open) as i think maybe it was the problem , then i update all the nvidia drivers ...
      Edit 2 : i just make a video , so u can see what i mean , i only click to try open the items info , the settings also and u will see at the end the chat bug i mean (also this happen to login) sorry about the music never did a video haha

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    • I'm having the same problem.
      It already appeared in the login screen where the cursor wouldn't stay in the edit fields
      I had to copy my e-mail and my password to paste it in, the split second the line appeared.
      Now i'm in the game but every menu closes instantly. Sometimes I get lucky and they stay open but even typing in the name of a guild member to add to the party is a nightmare.