Faction Point System Makes No Sense to Me

    • Faction Point System Makes No Sense to Me

      Does anyone understand this? Aside from the measly points I get from capturing an outpost or killing/downing an enemy, which is clear and straight forward enough, the bulk of my points seem to come from Faction Defense Bonus, which just comes out of nowhere. I can be sitting in the bank 30 minutes from the last time I did anything for the Faction and I randomly get a bonus.

      And then, the bonuses make no sense. My thing lately has been to ride my ass to Bridgewatch from Lymhurst and down/kill whatever I can find. I usually end up in Lazygrass Plain just downing as many people as I can before I get sent packing back home. But, there is zero rhyme or reason behind how the bonuses appear to be handed out. I mean, I can spend 2 hours roaming and knocking down 50+ targets and get like 25K points. Then, the other day, I literally knocked down 3 people in 3 different zones before getting swarmed by Bridgewatch scum and respawning at the zone entrance with my faction taken off because there was no nearby Lymhurst captures. All in all, 15 minutes worth of factioning.

      At that point, I just AFK'd for about 30 minutes, come back and I have 55K faction points. Like, what sense does this make? I probably spent 1/6th the amount of time, knocked down 1/20th the number of players and got twice as many faction points.
    • This evening's example. Log on. There's activity right outside Lymhurst in Yew Wood. Fort Sterling has come to play. Join the Lym blob and drive them out, retaking 3 of the 5 outposts. Proceed to push this same FS group about 5 zones, tetaking every outpost and cluster while knocking down 10-20 people in the span of an hour. What do I get for all of this? 9K faction points. Log off in yellow just outside Fort Sterling.

      Come back several hours later and spend the next hour just fighting whoever I can in that yellow zone right outside FS. What do I get for this? 64K faction points. So, the question is... is part of this delayed bonuses from what I did earlier in the day? Like I just can't understand what seems to trigger this bonus.

      From what I can tell, the best thing is to go zone to zone and just down 1 person. Once you find and down 1 person, just move on to the next zone and rinse and repeat. Seems like the bonuses are given in intervals, so it behooves you to hit as many zones within an interval as possible?