people should use healer staff when he plays as healer in arena

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    • people should use healer staff when he plays as healer in arena

      It is not rare that someone use DPS weapon while he is showed as healer. It really sucks. In the confirm stage, the job class should be locked and fit the using weapon.
      You can sign up as healer while he is not using a healer staff. Because, we might be doing other things when queue for the arena. But in the confirm stage, people should not be ready if he is not using a healer staff. The thing is same with DPS. Anyone should use corresponding weapon before confirm stage.
    • The whole arena trolls i.e who don't play healer or afk at base should be given 2-24h arena bans when they are reported by 4+ people.

      Counter to the problem with "healer" is to queue up as a team. Every solo arena is a lottery for healer anyways. Extra reward for healers is a simple noob trap to play 0 spec healer builds.

      On the other hand arena itself is rather forgotten and meaningless content that just exists in the world of Albion without any real objective. Open world PvP players hate it because "it takes away their players form open world" and PvE players don't play it because its to chaotic and they cant auto attack targets, CL players don't bother with such peasant activity...
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