!Hello everyone, newbie here! Salve rapeize!

    • !Hello everyone, newbie here! Salve rapeize!

      Hi guys, I'm new to albion and I don't really know what to do, I created this post because I've been trying to play for a while, but I never really know what to do and I end up leaving the game.

      Quem puder de alguma forma me inserir em Discord / TS ou coisa do tipo pra gente trocar ideia e aprender mais sobre o game seria show. Valeu!

      :) Discord RAFFESTIN #7481 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    • Albion is quite an open-ended game. What to do is up to you. I've only been playing about a month, but from what I see the primary focus of most people is one of a few things.

      1 - amass as much silver as possible. A first goal might be to generate enough silver to pay for premium with in-game money. Next it might be to get to 100 million. Then maybe 500. Then maybe be among those with a billion. Silver motivates many people here in the same way some people are eternally focused on making more money than everyone else in the physical world.

      2 - max out the specs on your chosen gear set, or on specific skills such as gathering, crafting, or fishing. Once a person has done this they often want to max out something else, and for some, everything.

      3 - now comes the interpersonal stuff. Some people play online games for the social aspect. It is possible to make friends online. Heck, I met and married my wife after meeting her on an old-school MUD a number of years ago and now I live on the "other side of the pond," have two children, own a beautiful house, and have gone form introverted geek to an interactive part of the community looking like any typical family.

      It is within the guilds that you are going to find what is colloquially referred to as "content." The game does not provide any drama or problems to solve. That is created by the players. Within a guild common goals form. Alliances with other guilds develop. Friction with others is unavoidable and is resolved or not in any number of ways. And all of this has the potential to be far more deep and fulfilling than any game-generated content could ever be. In fact, it can be so intense that it can also potentially be the greatest destroyer of people's game enjoyment. I am relatively new to this particular incarnation of this sort of game and have been flying solo and ignoring everyone for now, but I've seen it all before.