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  • How to use the in-game chat options

    Here's a quick guide on how to use the chat options in-game.

    General Chat Settings:

    You can see the General Chat Settings by clicking or tapping on the triangle icon on the top of your chat box:

    Clicking or tapping on the triangle icon will display the General Chat Settings:

    Here's a description on what each option does:
    • Lock window - prevents you from moving the chat window so that you don’t accidentally move it during combat.
    • Auto-hide chat - Automatically hides the chat when no one types a message. The chat box automatically reappears when someone types a message.
    • Font Size - Increases the font size.
    • Idle Chat Background Opacity - Enables you to determine how opaque the chat background is. This is really handy when you’re in bright areas like the snow biome.

    How to use the different options in the chat menu:

    You can customize your chat tabs to neatly display all the channels you’re interested in:

    To create a custom chat tab, expand the chat window to show the Advanced button:

    It will now display the Tab Settings and Visible Channel options. Alternatively, you can go to this section directly by clicking or tapping on Game Settings, then selecting the Social menu.

    Under the Tab settings, you can create different chat tabs by clicking or tapping on the plus sign next to New tab:

    This opens up a new menu where you can type the name of the chat tab:

    Once you create a new chat tab, you can customize the channels you’d like it to see by selecting the Visible Channels individually:

    Here’s a brief summary of the different channels:
    • Global /o - This is the Global language channel. You can type and chat in any language here.
    Note: You’re not allowed to post guild recruitment, trade, looking for group messages in this channel. This rule applies to ALL the other language channels as well.
    • Client language /cl - This will automatically display the client language you’ve selected at the start of the game. The different client languages are: English, German, French, Spanish Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Korean and Chinese.
    Note: Language-specific channels do not permit posting in other languages.
    • German /de - German language channel only.
    • English /en - English language channel only.
    • Spanish /es - Spanish language channel only.
    • Russian /ru - Russian language channel only.
    • Polish /pl - Polish language channel only.
    • Chinese /cn - Chinese language channel only.
    • Korean /ko - Korean language channel only.
    • Trade /tr - Global Trade channel. All languages can post their trade related messages here.
    • Recruit /rec - Global Recruitment channel. All languages can post their recruitment related messages here.
    • Help /h - Global Help channel. All languages can post their in-game questions here.
    • Looking for Group /lfg - Global Looking for Group Channel. All languages can post their looking for group related messages here.
    • Guild /g - Guild channel. This chat tab is exclusively for guild related messages.
    • Faction /f - This channel is automatically created once you sign up for your faction. It’s faction specific and can be used to coordinate with other faction players. Please note that other messages like guild recruitment and trade are not allowed in this channel.
    • /Factionlocal - Used to coordinate locally with your faction.
    • Whisper /w - This will display the whispers you receive from other players. If this is not enabled in your chat tab, you will not see whispers from other players.
    • Say /s - Displays the messages from players when they use the /say command.
    Read-only channels (automated messages based on game activity):
    • Emote /e - Displays the emotes from players when they use the /emote command.
    • System - Displays system messages in your chat.
    • Duel - Displays duel related messages
    • Take damage - Displays the damage you’ve taken from players or mobs.
    • Give damage - Displays the damage you’ve dealt to players or mobs.
    • Kill player - Display a message when a player has been killed on the map.
    • Heal player - Displays the amount of health you’ve restored from a player.
    • Spell effect - Displays the name of spell that was casted and its effect.
    • Loot - Displays the loot that was taken from a mob or player.
    • Silver - Displays the amount of silver picked up from a player or mob
    • Reputation - Displays the amount of Reputation you’ve earned from a mob.
    • Fame - Displayed the amount of Fame you’ve earned from a mob.

    You can also opt to show the Timestamps of the messages, as well as the channel label from which a given message originated in your chat tabs using the options below:

    You can also delete any chat tab by clicking on or tapping the X icon beside the name of the chat tab in the Tab settings as shown below:

    Congratulations! Now you’ve created your first custom chat tab!