Red Zone Changes ?!?

    • Red Zone Changes ?!?

      Hi, so I took a leave of absence from the game, but I maintained my premium.

      I see that the royal continent has been expanded, but I don't understand why the tiles were moved and changed. I completely understand it was necessary to shuffle things around to get everything to fit in a balanced way, but lots of the content has been effectively destroyed by some of the changes.

      For example, Murkweald being a T7 fishing spot was a great spot to go fishing if you didn't mind the risk of getting killed, I don't mind that it's been moved but it's an entirely new map with almost all of the water removed? This focus's PKers so that fishing is just inaccessible at all. I mean why would you do that to one of the only Royal Continent's good T7 fishing spot?

      I love the rest of the update so far, but I am really disappointed in effectively losing T7 fishing on the royal continent. Wouldn't it have provided richer content to add to the number of Royal T7 tiles so that people have even a change at a successful gathering trip?

      Can someone from SBI provide a meaningful explanation?
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