Hey, I'm Hellements!

    • Hey, I'm Hellements!

      Hey everyone,

      I'm Hellements and you've probably seen me hanging around the Albion platforms helping out with community work. I started playing the game in 2017 and after enjoying the game for several years, I stumbled upon SBI's job offer in 2020. Having worked in community management for a different game before and already spending my days on Albion Online, I decided to try my luck.

      Due to the competitive nature of the guilds I was in, I decided to remove myself from the ingame politics and leave my old identity behind, so that I could focus on my work with SBI. I used to be known under the name 'LForward', but I have not and will not be playing on any of my old characters during my tenure here.

      I hope this isn't too much of a shock for some of my friends who I had to leave in the dark. I'm on a more casual approach now finding my enjoyment outside of the political meta and I do not intend to participate in it again in the future.

      Instead, I will see you out there in Faction Warfare, Dungeons or any other random encounter as 'Corruptioned' and hope it will be a great fight!

      - Hellements / Corruptioned