Change the way Hideouts and Territories interact.

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    • Change the way Hideouts and Territories interact.


      My suggestion:

      1. Make it so only Guilds of the same Alliance that own a Territory can place a Hideout in that zone.
      2. If a Guild that owns a Hideout in a zone loses control over the Territory the Hideout will lose 1 Defender Point every Prime Time.
      3. Claiming back the Territory will restore 1 Defender Point per Prime Time for the Hideouts of that Zone.

      Honestly, it doesnt make sense that Guilds that don't own a Territory can actually place a Hideout in that Zone.


      1. No more hammering Hideouts (the most annoying content in the game)
      2. More ZvZ fights over Territories (the best content in the game)
      3. It will be easier to take control over a zone and wipe multiple Hideouts at once.
      4. It will be harder for a single Alliance that control a large amount of Zones to defend all the Hideouts.
      5. With this system having Alliances will makes more sense.
      6. It might reduce the number of Alliances having Reds as allies. (Reducing the Handhold).
      7. More ZvZ content for the Black Zone.
      8. Less renters.


      -> Since its easier to wipe a zone and harder for 1 Guild to defend a large amount of zones, there will be more individuals raising up to fight for those Zones.
      -> In a long term, this will solve the problem of Mega-coalitions with an insanely high number of Renters that helps them fund their RMT, because the Renters will now have to actually control the Territory and it will be harder for the "Dad" Guild to protect all the Renters Hideouts. Of course the Renters will not cease to exist, but the overall number of them shall actually drop.
      -> Black Zone should not be all about people paying to have Hideouts and Zones.
      -> My concept is simple, if you have a zone but you actually don't have the power to protect it, you should not have it.
      -> I think its a simple way to revitalize the Black Zone and make it more attractive for Wars and Content.
      -> It's easy to implement, you won't have to limit the number of Hideouts a Guild can have or "delete" Hideouts or do anything more crazy.
      -> I know this will make breaking Hideouts alot easier, so maybe as a compensation you could reduce the total cost of putting a Hideout.
      -> For Hideouts in the Avalonian Roads the hammering system remains the same.

      Last but not least:
      -> Make the Black Zone looks more like a Black Zone instead of a Rent Zone.

      Of course this is just a suggestion, so I appreciate any thoughts about this that can help improve it. :)

      Yours sincerely,
    • I hated the idea at first but then I thought about it more and maybe it would be better to put more pressure and emphasis on owning the territories again. This would also cause alliances to have to put all renters into the same alliance which means the season point sharing is even harsher.

      You then reduce a guild to only 3 hideouts and require a 2-3 second channel to enter the hideout like with solo dungeons. Make sure though that if they have a bubble from coming out of a hideout it wont pop during the channel.

      Something to think about though is what happens then during reset days and moments when nobody owns a territory?
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      That's still a better ideia than this HQ System. :|

      Idk, sometimes I think Albion is going the complete oppose way of what it should be going.
      Instead of making things invulnerable why not making things more vulnerable.

      My thoughts:

      Invulnerable Hideouts (HQ):
      -Less players willing to fight and waste their time for something that is invencible;
      -Less content;
      -Easier to control zones increasing even more the empire of renters that a few individuals own.

      More vulnerability to Hideouts and Territories:
      -Increase the number of players willing to raise and fight for their zones;
      -More content;
      -Harder for a single Guild/Alliance to control a huge amount of zones and defend everything;
      -It will reduce the empire of renters.

      Honestly, the solution to revitalize the Black Zone and the Game itself is rather simple, you need to make some mechanic that makes it harder for 1 Group to control everything.
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      SBI, after Stillfront bought it, is like Blizzard. Devs don't play and understand their own game, they implement systems that receive negative feedback right after introducing. These systems are in game for months/years to the scale that the problem is so big it is hard to find a turning point. They come up with a solution that doesn't resolve anything. They do a lot of things opposite to what the community wants. Also it takes weeks/months for them to fix some minor bugs... I don't wanna talk about money :)

      It feels like they have their own vision of the game (which is not bad at all) but their vision is like opposite to the community one. After all, we are their customers so if we don't like the product we will just abandon it. Please SBI listen to the whole community (not only to this closed RT community) feedback and come up faster with solutions that we can make an opinion on.

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