Coming back to Albion after 7 months

    • Coming back to Albion after 7 months

      Hi all,

      I have stopped playing Albion about 7 months ago but got a sudden urge to do a little comeback. Probably lots of changes happened during that time. Thus, I have created this thread to get a little help with getting started again.

      First of all, I have been mainly playing as a 1h dagger. Really liked it since I was able to deal pretty decent damage to players and mobs. Before I quit Albion 1h dagger got nerfed pretty drastically (healing from E got lowered by 50% when used on mobs iirc) here, I wanted to ask if it is still a viable option or I shouldn't stick to one way of fighting and try something different? I enjoy both, PVE and PVP, but of course, doing PVP alone does not seem to be something that will work for me.

      Secondly, previously I have been playing with my friend. We've been mostly doing dungs, gathering and were trying to gank some people from time to time. We never really joined any guild. My friend is not likely coming back to Albion in the near future and I'm feeling a little bit lost because of that ;( . I Am not sure what to do alone, and that is my 2nd question. What should I do now? I have items on me between T6-T7. Few millions of silver on me and rather basic knowledge of the game.

      Thanks for reading, any tips will be appreciated, and if anyone would like to take me under wing I would be more than happy to join :love:
    • I would say join the official Albion discord and also search guild recruitment here in the forums to find a guild that fits what you are looking for. I know a lot of guilds are zvz oriented now which I know isn't for everyone. (zvz is a huge money dump and I wouldn't suggest it unless you are into huge full-loot pvp fights where you are basically part of a hive-mind XD). There are some guilds that are beginner friendly, they're a little tougher to look for but they are there. I wouldn't recommend randomly applying to guilds in-game because more than likely you will end up in a potato guild. Usually the ones that post in the forums and on the official discord are active.