Seeking more members for roads content *Trade Of Blades* *FS* *NA TIMEZONE*

    • Seeking more members for roads content *Trade Of Blades* *FS* *NA TIMEZONE*

      Firstly I'll go ahead and tell you about the standard guild stuff such as tax, regear policy, yada yada etc.
      -Guild Tax 10%
      -Fort Sterling hereby known as fort sterfry, is home.
      -Guild island with several developed stations and all laborer journals available as well.
      -Scheduled events (mostly roads) will have re-gear available. We also have builds for you to run that will help with this.
      -NA timezone for most members, I would say our best active times range from 22:00 till about 03:00 (in game time)
      -Willing to train new members and even offer "classroom" style teaching in discord. Veteran members are encouraged to join if they are ready to get out and cross blades with others out in the roads.

      Now, lets get to the real heart of the matter. Looking for players of all skill levels that are on pretty frequently and aren't afraid to get out and risk it for the biscuit on the roads of avalon. As of right now we don't have many that are willing to participate and thus I am here, clearly there are other guilds out here offering the same if not more for your time, however I have to ask. Will they be as charismatic as me? yes we are a smaller guild but I tend to think that makes us far more personable when problems tend to arise. Far too often when I was in bigger guilds (and alliances) it felt more like logging in and working more than playing. What with constant CTA's and complaints about participation. Not to mention the long list of varying rules.

      Still with me? Great, anyway long story short my guild is going to specialize in roads content with a future plan of eventually establishing a hideout for such content when our numbers are strong. So come join in the discord hang out with us and join in for the fame and glory.