Re: Bow Tree balance and Rework suggestions

    • ISTILLLOVEU wrote:

      I am not incorrect it is part of the tree,

      What do you not understand of this logic?

      As for your care it's ok little boi.

      Idgaf about what you or your illusion of other's (we) care about.

      It is clear you are a no life.

      Incorrect, I work an 8-hour job irl with a sizeable income during these hard covid times. Please do not make assumptions of other people's lives when you have no information about them personally. I live a good life to the point that I do not waste my time talking useless trash to other players in the forum specially if I have no constructive feedback for their posts. Professionals need not concern themselves with ignorant amateurs who do not have any contribution to any subject or topic, godbless.