Blackscreen when Zoning / Connection Issues

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    • Blackscreen when Zoning / Connection Issues

      Hi all,

      we are seeing a larger than usual number of reports about connection issues happening with certain ISPs (such as Comcast)

      To help us resolve the problems with the affected ISPs, it would be great if those of you who have these issues could fill out th following report form.

      Connection Issue Report Form

      Please include your traceroute data that you obtain while the issues are occurring.

    • For about 2 months this has been happening:
      Whenever I port in or out of a map (going to my island, going out of market or in to market, bank, etc, anywhere,) my screen goes black..sometimes for ten secs, sometimes up to 3 minutes, then it disconnects, then connects again. I cannot play my game I am paying premium for. And I am missing my rewards etc and fun playing my game. I have been a daily player for over a year. My ping this morning when I was able to get into the game was 123.
      Can anyone suggest anything I can do to resolve this problem? I want to play my game! Thank you.