Top 100 - healer hate in CD well deserved

    • Top 100 - healer hate in CD well deserved

      current plan: 10% heal sickness in total for CD

      Is this sufficient? Is it necessary?

      Let's look at numbers:

      Top 100 - source murder

      6 Hallowfall
      2 Divine
      1 Nature
      31 1h frost
      22 maces
      13 Skull
      9 Grail

      So the 9% on heal are making the trouble and need be further nerved that the population of runaway frost, runaway mace gets even bigger??

      On a side note - this shows a serious balance issue..
    • 1. i will quote from NDA
      "All Healing Cast inside Corrupted Dungeons will now be reduced by 10%. This change should give healer builds less sustain in a 1v1, if Healers decide to fight we would rather encourage them to go for a DPS Q, then a full outsustaining build in 1v1. Life Steal abilities are not affected by this. However this Healding Debuff does weaken the Mercenary Jacket / Specter Hood combo, because Bloodlust is a Heal and not a Life Steal."

      Plus de-buffs on curseds

      2. Grailsekker its getting nerfs too,

      Soo... we had a 31% of the top 100 getting a nerf? Doesn't seem too bad tho

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