Changes for Guild Season 13

    • Disarray changes are a real shame to be honest. This really supports coalitions ganging up on solo alliances because of how they will abuse the cluster queue. Feels like the game is shifting a little bit to far in the direction of supporting hand holding.

      Also transmutation changes seem unnecessary and really screwing over regears for a lot of guilds. Smaller guilds will definitely struggle even more with this change.

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    • Treasure Drones and Crystal Spiders are a great addition. I've wanted to make a post on such a concept for a long time now but didn't feel like it'd actually be implemented. In Mu Online there were "Golden Dragons" that had a similar concept, valueable treasure mobs in the open world, but very rare to walk into.

      It's also cool individual players get more rewards whilst working for their guild with the Siphoned Mages.

      Anything that brings more attention to Crystal League is just great.

      And with 10+ hideouts on certain maps the bubble range changes were really necessary.

      Looks like open world will get a huge quality boost, and higher tier zones will be even more rewarding to play in.
    • xGunner wrote:

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      xGunner wrote:

      Nice, i like the changes, but unfortunately the zvz changes will not have the expected effect, changing territory fights/hideout fights from zvz to instanced fights (50x50) would be perfect

      And about safety, doesnt matter the duration of bubble if u can have one hideout every 10m, hideouts should be limited to 1 or 2 per zone
      The last thing Albion need's is more instanced content, please god no. Not everyone want's a MOBA like "fair fight".Fair fights are bland, boring, and repetitive and eventually get wittled down to just being the same exact thing over, and over.
      is not about being "fair", is about being an actual fight, i dont care if your guild needs 2 or 3 times more players than the enemy, the problem is that 200x300, 300x300, cluster qeue, cant even be called a fight
      Actually, zvz is basically an unorganized instanced fight , you have to wait in the qeue to join the fight, you have a chance of being removed from the zone in the middle of the fight and some other things that makes zvz pretty boring nowdays
      I enjoy fighting the outnumbered fights, not the other way around.
    • Transmutation should not be changed without properly fixing gathering. At the moment gathering does not fill the quota for the demand of enchanted resources. Obviously changing gathering is something that needs to happen but until you can see the effect it has on the market there is no reason to change transmutation. Additionally as an alternative idea have transmutation cost reflect the amount of the resource in the game? Even to prevent people hoarding the resources make it disenchant if it sits in a box and collects dust. Regardless this is not the way to fix gathering as many people play the game to pvp this will only hinder the majority of the players.
    • Good change to gathering enchantment rates, too early for transmutation changes.

      I'de much prefer to see how the market adjusts to the enchantment rate changes before seeing a major nerf to transmuting. The issue might fix itself by just making transmuting not that worth since open world resources are enchanting at a higher rate. What you're doing right now straight up chokes new guilds from being able to form because regear systems are ALREADY super expensive and you're making them 2-3x more expensive.
    • Can we get some new guild logos?

      Can we get more character and border avatars for the season and adventurer avatar rewards?
      They just sit in my bank collecting dust since I already have them.

      Give us better loot in the outlands killing these mobs. We like weapons and armor besides your runes, relics, and silly shards.

      Let us fight more powerful mob outposts with a chest. Mobs are way too easy to kill. How about some new mobs? We been fighting the same ones for 5 years. Avalonians are boring to fight.
    • No idea about the goal of the 20v20 Crystal League changes, if it's looking to bring more new teams into the game, it's in serious wrong direction.

      I'm the leader of 2 UTC12 20v20 crystal teams, and currently we're the only 20v20 team in this timeslot who would challenge the veteran SUN team at LV3 & LV4, most of our players had joined the game in less than half a year, and SUN literally "farmed" us every single matches.

      We're still capable of stealing some wins when they had too many fillups or simply a bad roster, but even when it happened the kills would still be ridiculous (for a recent example, we win this one with 15 kills and 79 deaths), it's quite a respectable invest to regear these sets, and we have to bare with the hostile mockery & trash talks from them, while trying to learn from the matches and getting better at the game.

      For the above reason, we tried to challenge LV3 at a pace of twice or 3 times per week, and enjoy dominating LV2 as no opponent can match us at all.

      Meanwhile, the meta for LV1 matches (not only for UTC12, we have LV1 players for every timeslot) had evolved into 7 healers (sometimes 6 healers + 1 rat/plate healer) composition during this season, which aimed at the enormous sustain it could offer to a team, and whoever got the 3 caps will try to stall forever. I'm not saying the said kind of match is not fun or should not exist, but learning from these LV1 matches would provide very little to none helps at LV2+ (as the meta are completely different and also the meta would not work in full-loot matches), even with our dominance at low levels, we still need to adjust our tactics to be able to counter the massive healers meta, which again is very different from how LV2+ works.

      LV2 used to be a place that you need a different playstyle then LV1 but in the meanwhile with less intensity you're able to learn the new stuff without too much investment or facing too powerful enemies, but with it removed the gap is now steep enough to scare any average challengers away. Want to try the full-loot 20v20 experience for once? Dang, now you'll be facing those LV9 cgvg players EVERY SINGLE MATCH and good luck with your game.
    • What I predict
      Spiders aimed for small groups will be camped by big groups of 20 rushing each one, cutting out small group play to gain season points. Spiders look very cool, awesome new objective, roaming world boss great!!! but I see big groups running it simply did to season points. So it will be exclusive to big guilds who already have such large control over the blackzone. Why not more content for the smaller guilds to have a fighting chance? Everything is exploitable and appealable to big mega alliance and guilds. All small guild have is Ava roads but even they are now controlled by alliances. Small guilds over 100 members never gain blackzone or Ava road presence without paying to join big alliances. So many renter guilds. I hate outlands politics.

      Some of this seems okay, but being part of a mega alliance, I can say that dissaray is only buffing mega alliances, and NAPS. Multiple alliances work together in fights , dissaray will buff each of them as the amount of alliance outnumber the opposition. Guess we will see.

      The avalonian treasure things for 1 player nice. The only solo player content added ... however why not new solo dungeon themes PLEASE just a different look, or more pathways in the dungeon. Crystal level bosses? Anything! Just more solo content, I participate in big content, ZvZ, faction war. But my favorite content is doing solo dungeons or small content that doesn't require huge time investment to prep for. I hate big group stuff since huge organization and then investment of time.

      Duo dungeons!!!! Even trio dungeons, would be so cool. Scale up difficulty and rewards, maybe add some new design, monsters and bosses. EPICCCC. Maybe some new weapon types or chance of a mount drop from them making them valuable to run. I hate doing 8.2 and 8.3 solo dungeons to get a duo challenge, it's still only designed for one player, a duo dungeons would be great for new players with a friend as well as couples who play.

      One of the most common help chat questions. What can me and my friend do together, group dungeons to hard and solo dungeons to easy. This leads to then having to organize group content of 5 minimum which takes time, and just is not enjoyable to setup. I've been in various guilds and alliances with 1000s of members and it's 20 min minimum prep time for a group dungeon. Duo content can be ready in minutes to organize two people. Why not capitalize on the ease of smaller group content and add more solo, duo, trio content. This game attracts many solo players due to many of it's unique mechanics not found in any other game. So itleast accomodate for them. I often see people hit the solo content cealing then quit. I'm on that verge. As big group content I do not enjoy as much, avalonian dungeons are a yawn fest. Why not harder stronger 3, people bosses and dungeons. So much potential, and ideas. Even horde mode dungeons wave survival of mobs for groups of 3 or 4 etc. So much potential.

      Recently it seems like your just catering to big groups and if your not your only catering to corrupt dungeons. It's painful as the general content that's run alot is solo dungeons from the lowest level players to the highest, they all run solos occasionally or commonly. Redzones also need more overworld content for solo or small group. The overworld camps are worthless, unrewarding waste of time. In the last 3 months I have not seen a single person do one so I'm hoping that the overworld Mob change to increase rarity and reward counts for mob camps, that would make camps much more rewarding, enjoyable and worth the risk of fighting in overworld for. Please scale loot to make them well worth it.

      So many hideouts making it safe, and only set time to attack and destroy them. I'm completely safe all times in t8 zones due to how many hideout. Why not make it once a month for an entire 12 hours, all hideouts are smashable, making preparation and defense an important thing. Or increase food cost for hideouts in close proximity to others making them more expensive to upkeep.

      What I want to see.
      More dungeon content, solo, duo, trio.
      More dungeon themes, styles, bosses
      More meaningful rewards, unique mounts, mount skins, player skins, and items only found from dungeons.
      Less mega alliance safety and control.
      More interesting overworld and outlands.
      More objectives in redzones.

      Roaming mobs seems great I hope Its rewarding, balanced and enjoyable, make these mobs tough to fight but equally rewarding.

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    • TheGreger wrote:

      Still no changes regarding hideouts, what a disappointment. Can't you see 3+ hideouts in a single black zone makes it almost 100% safe? Now imagine 10 hideouts, or even 14 hideouts. PLEASE SBI WAKE UP. No point in changing shields if there is still a hideout every 20meters.
      Dont think u read it right, this prevents you from entering the hideout for 60 seconds, meaning your bubble is gone for 30, aka you are vulnerable, not 100% safe
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    • Disregard wrote:

      TheGreger wrote:

      Still no changes regarding hideouts, what a disappointment. Can't you see 3+ hideouts in a single black zone makes it almost 100% safe? Now imagine 10 hideouts, or even 14 hideouts. PLEASE SBI WAKE UP. No point in changing shields if there is still a hideout every 20meters.
      Dont think u read it right, this prevents you from entering the hideout for 60 seconds, meaning your bubble is gone for 30, aka you are vulnerable, not 100% safe
      Nowhere does it say anything about not being able to enter a hideout for 60 seconds. Regardless, its still 100% safe after this change in zones like Redtree with hideouts literally littered across the map.

      Even if you manage to let's say dismount someone, you will activate their automatic knight helmet, and then they will be at the next hideout / zone exit / ava portal / dungeon entrance by the time the buff drops.

      You obviously don't have the integrity of the game in mind when you defend 10+ hideouts being in a single zone.
    • Retroman wrote:

      Siphoning Mages
      We doubled the fame of Siphoning Mages, to make mage raiding a bit more rewarding for the individual player and not only the player’s guild.
      It was a change on the right direction, but i still think its still too few; Today, with a 7 Man group, you get around 8k fame/mage, even with the buff that is still going to be basically nothing compared to any real fame farming, but if you change that for something far higher, expect a Lot of extra ppl going for those mages and generating content on open world

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    • Here is some background information on the transmutation changes:

      The goal of these changes is to make gathering more rewarding again.

      When we checked actual in-game stats we were very surprised to see that even lower and mid-end resources would get transmuted to a large extent, despite them being easy to gather in large quantities in the open world. The reason for this is that transmuting these resources is so cheap that it's just not worth it to go out and gather them.

      That's a huge issue. Based on the tier and rarity distribution of resources, mid tier .0 and .1 resources are critical for gathering to be economically viable. Due to past buffs to PvE silver generation, generating resources through transmutation become much easier, while gathering them in the open world remained as before. That has caused an imbalance between transmutation and gathering to appear.

      The planned transmutation changes are designed to fix that. Raising transmutation costs for low/mid end resources will massively boost the hourly rate of gatherers as intended.

      At the same time, we are not changing transmutation costs as the top end. The cost of going from T7 to T8 and from .2 to .3 remain as they are.
      The fact that transmuting resources at the top end is cost-effective is an important overflow silver sink for the economy and acts as an anti-snowballing mechanism and gap closer at the high end of the player base.
    • just why ?? Why¿?????????

      Why are in increasing the reward for NAP, handholding and mega alliance ??

      Before you push open world and put avalonian artifacts in every corner u need to solve mega alliances..

      What u now do..u increase the rent to be paid as bz gets more valuable..and so will rents..
    • and regarding hideouts..on the same map

      First hideout *timestamp of creation* costs Lets say 100 food ..the second..1000 ...then third 10.000 ..

      And now there is incentive to fight and kill the first..and well u can still have as many as u want..sandbox..but u need a lot of food..