Re: Call to Arms Patch 4 - Known Issues (Update: May 7th)

    • Zuuuooo wrote: wrote:

      Just wanted to make sure you see this freezing wind (1h frost) bug
      The guy showed them the bug and how to fix it. I think it is not spagetti code fault. They have a shedule and they stick to that shedule. They announced the next patch will balance things in corrupted dungeons and they also announced the patch 5 will fix the bugs of the previous patch. Some of these bugs are fixed but can't be uploaded to the server because the newest patch is not ready at all. For them a few broken weapons are no reason to rush because they are not playing their own game and don't feel it on themselves.
      Their waterfall development / bug fixing cycle is really trash.
    • BadonisBugged wrote:

      não se preocupem, rapazes, eles estão trabalhando duro em um meta corrompido de masmorras e descobrindo como podem tornar os curandeiros ainda mais fortes em portões 2v2.

      os bugs da adaga e da jaqueta espectral serão corrigidos quando suas coisas mais "importantes" forem feitas xD
      Healer is currently a meme in 2V2, it's so weak that I don't know how anyone can call it strong, they literally nerfed everything and a little more, 10% less healing, W giving less resistance, Nerf in LifeTouch's E, Nature totally unfeasible, High holy spending more mana than anything, my duo and I stopped playing the game because it looks like they're trolling, more and more nerfed healer and more and more buffed dps, more and more mentally handicapped playing stun + dps or dps + dps the game really stopped being fun after the rise of avalon when they ended up with the HG, they launched the CDG (the most rotten content of the game) which ended the drops of the whole game, they even took the swaps away, they ended the game and now with each patch the game gets worse and worse, you think "there's no way to make the game WORSE" then they release a patch and the impossible is done the game gets WORSE and WORSE, I hope that one day SBI wakes up and stops of ruining the game itself, it was fun when HG had swaps and the healer really healed, nowadays the healer has more damage than healing, sounds like a joke.