Yellow Zone PVP Question

    • Yellow Zone PVP Question

      I read the wiki about the different colored zones and wasn't clear on whether you loose all your gear upon death in the yellow zones. Is it advisable to build up a small stockpile of spare gear before moving onto pvp zones? Im a former Eve player, and my brain is trying to apply high sec/low sec/null sec rules to Albions colored zones, but it doesn't seem quite apt.

      I do expect to die a fair bit since i haven't started looking for a guild yet and solo pvp in an MMO is always... interesting.
    • Yellowzones used to have death if you were involved with faction warfare, but since the latest major patch, that's no longer the case. You can't die in Yellowzone anymore unless you do /suicide or hit the die button after getting knocked down. You can be attacked, but you only get knocked down, which only gives you a little bit of durability damage on the gear you wear. Essentially yellowzones are barely different to bluezones.

      I'd recommend spending just enough time in yellowzone to learn the basics of the game and then moving on to blackzone stuff, solo or not. The content isn't any harder in blackzone, but you get somewhere around 3-4 times more loot and fame. The only drawback is the possiblity for pvp, which can be mostly avoided once you learn the ropes. You really just need T4 or T4.1 gear to do dungeons in blackzone so you're risking almost nothing. You're looking at losing maybe 50k in gear if you get killed, but you're getting at least 100k average per solo dungeon you complete.