Nerf boltcaster in corrupted dungeons.

    • Nerf boltcaster in corrupted dungeons.

      Insane damage: The only skill shot, is a utility skill, meaning they can hedbutt keyboard and hit both dps skills no problem taking away half your health in the process.
      You can't interrupt their E or Q even after leaving max range, meaning they can punish you freely just because of stepping into their FOV. They can even kill you from outside your screen.
      It's the only rdps weapon i've seen where the non auto aimed Q hits harder than the skill shot. Beyond stupid, having a cooldown on Q is not a tradeoff in a game thats based around kiting at max range. Specailly if you can't interrupt the skill unless you spend a 30-60s cooldown defensive. It doesn't make any sense.

      They can even kite you all around your dungeon, kill your bosses, steal your chests and break crystalls, if you get close enough to try to punish them they force you to reset just by hitting 2 Q in a row, or a Q+E, W+E combo, even with a random E they hit hard enough to make you run away instantly. If you add a merc jacket and/or any regen food (since they have so high dps they don't need a special cape, dps food, cast speed food, etc. Contrary to every other weapon out there, so they are the only weapon that can use stuff like undead cape inside corrupteds and still get away with it) they can reset fight every time they want.

      Insane range: As every other rdps, you should be able to cancel their skills if you step out of max range, even if you time correctly and get out of max range, to the point you can't see the boltcaster user on your screen he is still hiting you, forcing you to reset. That applies not only to the E but the Q as well. also why every other rdps has to aim thier strong dps skills yet auto fire hits harder than explosive ray? That doesn't apply to any other rdps weapon out there.

      The fact you rework stuff like frost 1h, yet leave this braindead weapon almost untouched is beyond ridiculous.

      Some ideas you could try:
      1. Lower auto fire's dps and cooldown in half, so people have a reason to use the explosive skillshot. This will make the weapon more skill based and less braindead.
      2. Make both auto fire and E interruptable by stepping out of max range. So other players, specially melee, can at least put some preassure.
      3. Make the E a channeled skillshot like the one on ava xbow. You can even rework W into a skillshot root, so they can combo it. Or a mobility skill so they won't cry anymore about how people flee from them endlessly (No wonder why people do that...)
      4. If the reason you don't nerf it or rework it is because of mobile players, and/or korean, low lvl random dungeon, farmers, you could divide the damage it deals between pve and pvp, leaving it untouched for pve, but reducing damage overall against other players, mobile users won't pvp much anyway since mobile version is very unstable for pvp (lag, random dc, rubberband, skills, animations and specially traps bugged, etc.) and korean grinders can continue to farm their low lvl dungeons one shotting every mob around (another thing I personally don't understand why you don't nerf but honestly idc enough about pve to bother) in pece.
    • Borbarad wrote:

      E is fine. The issue is the Q. That´s just too broken. But i complained about it a lot already, so ... yeah.

      Q is just broken, the non skillshot Q.
      Don't you think the range on E is a bit broken? I'm mentioning it just because of the times i've been killed without beeing able to even see the name tag on my screen, but maybe it's just a lag problem on my end. Your opinion might help me understand.
    • Well, just gotta learn how to play around it. The Q i see is much bigger issue.

      You have plenty of ways to deal with the E - either by blinking away if you keep your distance, interrupting the enemy by various means, using resistance potion, or even using guardian helmet and such, or just knockback on helm. Sprinting away works if you use one of those fast sprints and you are already at distance.

      The normal Q is way bigger issue lol.
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    • bro.... what kind of build are you running that cannot handle a bolt caster?

      corrupted is full of things like one shot pike,grail seeker, frost, hallowfall (not any more),dual daggers, ect ect

      all of which has cc or some way to stop a boltcaster

      if you are not playing as meta or know how to play against meta please dont simply post that it is op

      in my opinion boltcasters is the least op item in corrupted because any hard defensive counters boltcaster because it is a must have to stop things like grailseeker and other one shot builds like dual daggers and the like

      if you arnt running cleric cowl, cleric robe ect ect then you deserve to die you know.

      if you are dual merc jacket as badon/curse which has 0 of such defensives then you would play diffrently because you have no such defensives
      and not head face first into a boltcaster because they have absolutely 0 mobility
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