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      I think this game lacks on regional items (things that only drops in certain places). Exemples: a "infernal stuff" that only drops in hellgates, or the "ice whatever" that does only in fortsterling blackzone. That could be done for gates, cristals, blackzones, CD, and every particular place.

      With that we could have more incentives for exploration, occupation, make different places more unique and more meaningful.
    • I was actually just thinking about a similar thing yesterday. It would be really neat if there was a set of high value drops for each mob faction, which constantly rotated over a period of time.

      The idea I had was that the challenge mounts could be drops, outside of their reward month. So for example in November the Morgana Raven could be a rare drop from Morgana Mobs.

      The idea being an incentive for more players to populate specific zones or focus on specific content.

      (not to be eaten!)
    • During beta, that was a thing when T2 artifacts only dropped in HG (there hasn't been T3 artifact back then)

      What happened was that T2 artifacts became extremely overpriced. If sth only dropped in one place, there won't be enough supply for everyone.
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