Sun is recruiting for Season 13

    • Sun is recruiting for Season 13

      Sun recruitment video

      SUN is Recruiting Active EU Players

      SUN is an endgame, blackzone, PvP, ZvZ guild. SUN has been around since Albion’s alpha stages, and plans to persist within Albion in perpetuity. We provide the best endgame content that Albion has to offer, being a part of the largest and most intense battles, while also being one of the only guilds in AO that is positive-culture focused, boasting a non-toxic and mature
      community. SUN is a proud member of POE, and is recruiting active, EU-based, mature English-speaking players that can regularly attend the 18 and 21 UTC time slot CTAs and that are looking for a true home in Albion.

      Our Mindset:
      SUN has existed as a guild for more than 20 years dating back to UO in 1997. Some of our members have been in the guild for so long that our best friendships have been created through SUN. Don’t be surprised if you find people loud and proud about being in SUN. SUN has always focused on pvp/pk content, emphasizing quality over quantity with strong individual players. SUN has survived for so long because our members contribute to the guild and can take care of themselves and each other. Being around for 20+ years also means it’s a mature mindset. We don’t have many rules but one of them is “Don’t be an idiot”. We don’t cause drama and don’t trash talk our guildmates, allies, or enemies alike. We’re not a kindergarten but a guild who likes to fight, and fight well.

      Benefits of being in SUN:
      • A true, non-toxic, positive culture and mindset
      • Access to the best endgame content that the game has to offer
      • Access to POE alliance and our holdings in the blackzone
      • Active leadership with decades of experience
      • T8 ZvZ regears
      • A no-BS environment
      • 30m PvE fame
      • 15m PvP fame
      • Willingness to grow in a family-style guild
      • Mature mindset and a positive attitude
      • English speaking / understanding
      If interested, please join our discord via the link below to learn more or to apply today! Thank you for your interest in SUN!